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Des champagnes d'exception

Unique Champagne  



Champagne is one of the most representative products of French gastronomy and symbolises French luxury and unique expertise worldwide. FAUCHON offers this celebratory product (an essential for properly commemorating special occasions and important events) in a variety of forms, including rosé and brut Champagne in sizes ranging from half-bottles to Magnum.

Discover the collection of champagne



With brut and rosé Champagne, FAUCHON experts work to offer you champagnes of extremely high quality: FAUCHON Champagnes boast very light, delicately fruity notes with excellent body and highly gourmet flavours.



To enjoy the sparkling, fresh character of these Champagnes, you may opt for gift and gourmet boxes created by FAUCHON with combinations selected by our experts, or you may create you own gift and gourmet basket by combining tastes and flavours that best suit you. 

FAUCHON Champagne