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Fauchon Expert Chocolat

FAUCHON Chocolate Collection







Since its creation in 1886, Fauchon has offered refined chocolate collections - a royal feast for the eyes and for the palate.  From the traditional cup of hot chocolate dating from the end of the 19th century to chocolate bars for the children's snack, Fauchon has become an expert in creating chocolate for tasting pleasure. At Fauchon, pleasure comes first!

For his fine chocolates, taste expert Fabien Rouillard, Head Pastry Chef responsible for the creation of sweet products, relies on the collaboration initiated in March 2010 with Pascal Caffet for the creation of new recipes, textures and flavours - a chocolate sensation!

Combining research with excellence and savoir-faire, Pascal Caffet, Meilleur Ouvrier de France and World Champion Pastry Chef, is one of the talented artists who work on creating the new vision of FAUCHON chocolate. With the backing of the House of Fauchon, he stands for the choice and quality of the raw materials selected for the manufacture of the chocolates.



Chocolate at FAUCHON comes in all shapes and forms: boxes of chocolates, chocolate bars, almonds or dried fruits encased in chocolate, truffles, chocolate-coated candied peel and fruit. There's something for all tastes, all palates and all occasions: to nibble, to taste, to savour, to share...everyone can find their perfect chocolate.

FAUCHON's approach is very simple, centred around the great, classic taste sensations. The innovative interpretation is composed of fundamental, structured, honest and elegant flavours.

This vision of chocolate is built on three cornerstones:
-Exceptional ingredients: dark chocolate coating of 70% cocoa solids made from Criollo "Carenero Superior" beans, 100% originating from Venezuela in the region of Barlovento; milk chocolate coating of 40% cocoa solids.  And then we have the Valencia almond, the Piedmont hazelnut, Bourbon Madagascar Vanilla, Maragogype coffee.
-The savoir-faire of the Meilleur Ouvrier de France: for example, Pascal Caffet's preparation of the praline - hand-crafted, in small quantities, in a basin of copper.
-Exclusive recipes: a praline rich in dried fruits, 65% (usually 50%), a crisp coating concealing a delightfully buttery ganache...


Gift boxes of chocolates and chocolate collections

Choc Visuel, Choc Gustatif, Choc Emotionnel... This gourmet trio embodies FAUCHON's chocolate box collection. A contemporary range of 20 chocolates; 10 flavours from the great FAUCHON classic line and 10 original creations combining a palette of daring textures and flavours.

Our chocolate boxes are made up of two collections: pralines in boxes of all sizes up to the exceptional piano of 100 chocolates, and assortments of chocolates, ganaches and pralines in square boxes ranging from 9 to 81 pieces.


FAUCHON 100 Chocolates Piano


Truffles and chocolate-coated fruits

FAUCHON has created powerful, buttery truffles and crispy chocolate-coated fruits presented in cube-shaped boxes - digging deep is difficult to resist.


FAUCHON Truffles & Mendiants Collection


Seasonal creations

For Christmas, Valentine's Day, Easter or in the summer, FAUCHON creates new chocolate recipes such as the 'chouchou' praline for the collection 'Attraction de l’été 2013': a milk chocolate praline with almonds and peanuts, set with a caramelised peanut, or caramel praline, a double layer of chocolate-nut praline and smooth caramel.


FAUCHON Chocolate


Chocolate bars and snacks

From mini-bars to chocolate-coated dried fruit, FAUCHON offers an on-the-go version of its chocolate recipes to enjoy while you are out and about. Numbered from 1 to 6, the fundamental flavours are available with nuts, almonds or chocolate-coated dried fruits, fruit snacks, chocolate bars and mini-bars. These four gourmet variations interchange their flavours, with red fruits, vanilla and perfectly balanced combinations of chocolate and dried fruits.
Now you can satisfy your need for chocolate on the go.


FAUCHON Le Chocolat


Chocolate as a gift

Chocolate is the perfect gift for all occasions - to mark a special event, to share a gourmet moment, to send a loving thought. There is a box of chocolates in the FAUCHON collection for every occasion: from the chocolate assortment box, especially for tasting and savouring, to the heart-shaped tin filled with pralines also shaped like mini-hearts.

Magenta Heart Milk Chocolate   Black Heart Dark Chocolate   Gold Heart Caramel Chocolate
Magenta Heart Milk Chocolate - 13€   Black Heart Dark Chocolate - 13€   Gold Heart Caramel Chocolate - 13€


The five senses are all brought into play when tasting FAUCHON chocolates:

Sight: the colour of the chocolate, its lines, shape, shine, its raw or refined aspect, whether it is coated or not!

Hearing: the dry crack of a chocolate bar when it's broken by hand, or of the chocolate when you take a bite; the silence of a ganache melting in the mouth; the noise of a chocolate-coated nugget of fruit!

Smell: a FAUCHON chocolate expert always smells a chocolate before letting the taste buds savour it! Some aromas give a different sensation on the nose than they do in the mouth.

Touch: softness, graininess of the sugar, crunch, crackle, buttery sensation, crispness, smoothness, fizz - or all at the same time!

Taste: Soft, full-bodied, milky, bitter, savoury, sweet, rounded? Natural, notes of red fruit, yellow fruits, woody, tangy? Dry fruits? Do the tastes come through in different stages? Let each mouthful linger on the tongue and all the flavours will reveal their character!

Ideal serving temperature: 19°C.


FAUCHON Chocolate Collection



The great classics

To each his own taste, his own flavour. Numbered from 0 to 9, these chocolates are, very simply, the most popular flavours among chocolate lovers: vanilla, creamy, coffee, full-bodied, fruity, caramel...



A pure ganache of white chocolate with the robust flavour of Bourbon Madagascar Vanilla.

  Chocolat vanille   Chocolat fruité  


Red fruits find their niche here in a raspberry ganache that balances perfectly with dark chocolate
from Venezuela.


The intense, roasted flavour of the Piedmont hazelnut, exploding in this praline coated with milk chocolate.

  Chocolat noisette   Chocolat corsé  


A bitter chocolate, 100% originating from Venezuela, exceptional for its depth of flavour and its very powerful aroma.


Delightfully milky, a creamy, soft ganache coated in milk chocolate.

  Chocolat crémeux   Chocolat amande  


Valencia almonds, roasted and caramelised, hold on to their intense flavours in their milk chocolate coating.


The art of Breton savoir-faire, it strikes a perfect balance between sweet and savoury, coated in
milk chocolate.

  Chocolat caramel   Chocolat pistache  


Hiding in a milk chocolate coating, the powerful flavour of the pistachio nut meets the softness of marzipan.


Two coffees - Maragogype and Kenyan - combine to create a full-bodied, powerful, dark ganache coated in dark chocolate.

  Chocolat café   Chocolat croustillant  


A 'crepe dentelle' praline with the roasted flavour of Piedmont hazelnuts, both refined and crunchy, in a milk chocolate coating.


Uniques recipes

A contemporary line of ten gourmet chocolates offering a wider variety of forms and flavour notes. This palette of flavours combines gourmet fruit pieces with the subtle scents of flowers and spices to bring out the different facets of the chocolate - ganache, praline, dark and milk.



The energy of the Caribbean concentrated in the Tonka bean, offering all its depth to a subtle coating of dark chocolate.

  Ganache tonka   Praliné tendre noisettes  


All the tender flavour of the nut and the intensity of the magnificent fondant.


At the heart of a dark chocolate ganache waits a lively, powerful lemon purée.

  Ganache citron   Praliné noix feuilleté  


Slightly bitter, nuts bring different and savoury taste sensations.


Dark rum from the Antilles combined with golden raisins, expressing the intensity of the Islands and Venezuela.

  Ganache rhum raisin   Praliné amande citron  


Take lemon zest and some almonds - and you have a light, fruity praline.


Pure passion fruit juice at the heart of a delicate ganache, exceptional for its intensity, its softness and its tangy flavour in a smooth, creamy texture.

  Ganache passion   Praliné noisette coco  


Coconut brings a sense of exoticism to a traditional chocolate made with Piedmont hazelnuts.


Nut praline and coffee ganache - a daring contrast between strength and softness.

  Bicouche noisette café   Praliné amande noisette  


A praline that perfectly combines Avola almonds and Piedmont hazelnuts, offering intense notes of dried fruits.


Enjoy all the subtleties of FAUCHON chocolate with these few accompaniments:

A Jura wine with a milk chocolate ganache.

A dark rum with an almond praline or coffee ganache.

A Hibiki 12-year-old whisky with a fruity ganache.

Earl Grey tea with a milk chocolate bar or a No. 0 bar.

A FAUCHON rosé Champagne with the gourmet red fruits box.

A FAUCHON Bordeaux wine with the Tonka bean ganache.

A classic madeleine with a dark chocolate ganache.


FAUCHON Chocolate

Milk Chocolate powder - FAUCHON   Vintage Mug - FAUCHON   Dark chocolate powder - FAUCHON
Milk Chocolate powder - 13€   Vintage Mug - 16€   Dark Chocolate powder - 13€
Add to bag - FAUCHON   Add to bag - FAUCHON   earlgrey