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FAUCHON Tea Expert








A historic line of business since its foundation… From the beginning, in 1886, FAUCHON started to serve green teas and exclusive blends such as Siva or Five O’Clock. The 1960’s saw he Maison breack new ground to become a creator of flavoured teas.

Unique flavoured teas… Each tea is composed by FAUCHON experts, just as fragrances are meticulously created by perfume artists : ingredients are selected and blended to harmonize highlight the flavours and achieve a perfect balance of sensations.

Made in France, Made in FAUCHON… FAUCHON shares its penchant for gourmet tastes and beauty in its teas and are known for excellence, audacity and modernity. Any tea by FAUCHON is an invitation to appreciate tea in a supremely French manner, uninhibited by rituals or conventions by like a true epicurean…



With the Taste of Paris Collection, surrender to the poetic charm and sensuality of Paris. FAUCHON Blend tea : rare elegance is what defines the most famous of the FAUCHON flavoured creations. A wonderfully balanced black tea with citrus fruits, vanilla and lavender notes.


Taste of Paris Collection



Fruits & Flowers Collection mixes armfuls of flowers and fruit baskets like in paradise. In 1970s, Apple tea opened the doors of the Japanese market to FAUCHON. It’s stil one of the Maison’s best-selling products.


Fruits & Flowers Collection

Apple Tea


Gourmand Flavours Collection is inspired by FAUCHON’s own pastries and confectionery delights. Inspired by the pastry with the same name and blending the taste of Darjeeling, raspberry and rose petals together, Raspberry Macaroon tea accompanies with the raspberry macaroon perfectly.


Gourmand Flavours Collection

Raspberry Macaroon Tea


Birthday, Birth, New Year… Each and every of these moments of joy are inspirations for FAUCHON to imagine the Celebrations Collection. Celebrate the 2013 new year with 2013 Tea, this gourmand tea with sweet almond and orange notes which can be savouresd all day long thank to its low level caffeine level.


Celebrations Collection

2013 Tea


FAUCHON selects the most refined teas for its Grand Origins Collection of grand crus and house blends. Strong and robust black tea blend. To create its Morning tea, FAUCHON has combined two black teas with illustrious origins : Ceylon and Assam to offer you a tea with a strong, brisk taste.


Grand Origins Collection

Morning Tea



Brewing times
Allow 0,07oz of tea per cup or 0,21oz per liter.
Add simmering water (194/203°F).
Let brew respecting time indicated for each tea :
Green tea : 3-4 minutes
Black tea : 4-5 minutes
Rooibos “red tea” : 4-5 minutes
White tea : 5-6 minutes
Oolong “blue tea” : 5-6 minutes.

Iced tea preparation
It’s possible to prepare iced tea in the same way as hot but the iced method is recommended because it prevents tea from bitterness, blurring and allows a longer conservation. Allow 0,2oz for 33fl of water, let brew 2h in room temperature water or 12h in the fridge. Conservation during 48h.



WINTER RECIPE - Veal tenderloin with mushrooms and apple tea sauce

1/2 veal tenderloin
1 shallot
1 apple
300g mushrooms
1 pre-boiled chestnut
100g unsalted butter
Veal stock
Demi-glace sauce
Apple tea
Olive oil, salt, pepper
1 sprig of parsley

Remove the string and the fat around the fillet and cut it into 3 cm slices.
In a pan, sear the fillet in olive oil until it is browned.
Once golden brown, brush the fillet with butter and cook over low heat for 15 minutes. Remove the fillet, place it in a dish and keep it hot.
In the same pan, sauté the shallots, add the cider. Boil down.
Add the veal stock, demi-glace, and apple tea and continue boiling. Add salt and pepper, and allow the sauce to thicken.
In a separate pan, sauté the apples cut into thin slices, add salt and pepper, and caramelize.
Add butter to the pan with the apples, then add the shallots and mushrooms and cook over low heat. Add the chestnuts at the very end.
Strain the veal stock and demi-glace and add butter to everything.
Serve the fillet surrounded by apples and chestnuts, topped with sauce and a sprig of parsley.
Bon appétit !

SUMMER RECIPE - A tea-flavoured cocktail

Make some original cocktails with tea thanks to the flavoured tea creations of FAUCHON made in F:

For a cocktail as a couple, relive the floral sensations
of a sunset in a Parisian garden:
A garden tea party?
Opt for the violet and wild strawberry cocktail:

3-4 ml of Vodka
4 ml of grapefruit juice
4 ml of orange juice
2 ml of raspberry juice
20 ml of FAUCHON Paris Garden iced tea

3-4 ml of Champagne
4 ml of grapefruit juice
16 ml of FAUCHON Violet and Wild Strawberry tea

Treat yourself to some pastry cocktail snacks for a decidedly gourmet aperitif:

How about the caramelized
sweetness of a Tarte Tatin?
What about the almondy
flavour of a macaroon?
3-4 ml amber rum
3 ml raspberry syrup
16 ml of FAUCHON Chocolate éclair tea
3-4 ml of chocolate liqueur
8 ml pear juice
1 mint leaf
Crushed ice
8 ml of FAUCHON Crème Caramel tea
3-4 ml Vodka
Crushed ice
4 ml Kaffir lime juice
16 ml FAUCHON Raspberry Macaroon tea
earlgrey   earlgrey   earlgrey
Earl Grey Tea - 13€   Earl Grey Vintage Tea - 16€   Earl Grey & Bleuets Tea - 13€