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Offer a personalised gift, benefiting from FAUCHON savoir-faire and expertise: as you place your order, choose your products and add a velvety bag or a deluxe box to enhance the ensemble.

Choose from our selection of gift packaging and add a sweet treat, a savoury touch, spicy notes, boxes or tins... and fashion a unique gift for the recipient.  Have fun with special occasions, invent, create and give free rein to your imagination. You can make your customised selection from all of the products available in our online shop, with the exception of fruit baskets and boxes of 10 macaroons. You will even be able to add a message to the gift. Are you ready to share the magic of a FAUCHON gift?



For a gift that is both sweet and curvy, our black velvet gift bags are tied with magenta ribbon bearing the FAUCHON logo. The 100% cotton inner lining in pink also bears the FAUCHON logo.  The bag is machine washable. The velvety gift bag may be used by the recipient long after the treats are gone.

The FAUCHON velvety gift bags are available in 2 sizes:


Small bag (€8)
Dimensions: 20 x 25 cm (diameter of base / height)
It can accommodate between 1 and 4 small articles including a 37.5cl bottle (tea, jam, mustard, a box of 25 chocolates maximum, a box of macaroons, etc. 75cl bottles and long boxes of 10 macaroons have specific packaging and are not suitable).


Large bag (€12)
Dimensions: 28 x 40 cm (diameter of base / height)
Equipped with a handle, it can accommodate up to 8 articles including a 75cl bottle (metal boxes, foie gras, confectionery, a box of 36 chocolates maximum, etc. Long boxes of 10 macaroons have specific packaging and are not suitable). 



An unforgettable gift. There's a short period of uncertainty with a deluxe box, when we wonder what's hiding behind those funny magnetic doors. Jam? Tea? Chocolates? Foie gras? Dried fruit? Wine? Champagne? In which order? Which with which? God, life can be complicated! God, it's good!

High-gloss black boxes with magenta doors that close with the help of a magnet subtly hidden behind the FAUCHON mirror image logo, the Deluxe Box is filled with black swirls and available in 4 sizes to suit the occasion: anything from a little gourmet token to a huge surprise:


Size 1 Deluxe Box (€11,30)
Dimensions : 27 x 27 x 10.5 cm (height / width / depth)
For 4 to 7 small articles including one 37.5cl bottle (boxes of 36 chocolates maximum;  boxes of pralines are not suitable).

Size 2 Deluxe Box (€14,10)
Dimensions : 32 x 32 x 12.5 cm (height / width / depth)
For 5 to 8 articles including one 75cl bottle (boxes of 49 chocolates maximum or 20 pralines maximum).


Size 3 Deluxe Box (€16)
Dimensions: 37.5 x 37.5 x 13.5 cm (height / width / depth)
For 8 to 12 articles including two 75cl bottles (boxes of 81 chocolates maximum or 30 pralines maximum).

Size 4 Deluxe Box (€20)
Dimensions: 44 x 44 x 15.5 cm (height / width / depth)
For 12 to 18 articles including two 75cl bottles (boxes of 81 chocolates maximum or 30 pralines maximum).



Here are some of our personalised composition suggestions to inspire you: choose from the different themes such as gourmet dinner or sweet snacks.



To bring you ever an ever-wider and more amazing range of gift boxes, FAUCHON has fashioned product selections in diverse packaging suited to every occasion: gift boxes which show a little without giving it all away, authentic and masculine wooden cases and transparent gift pouches for small gestures. Find all of the FAUCHON creations in the Gifts section.



It's time to let yourself go and redefine the extraordinary. The suitcase- and hat box-inspired FAUCHON packaging is an extravagant burst of luxury and refinement; FAUCHON savoir-faire in all its excess. And was it not hedonistic philosopher Oscar Wilde himself that said, "the only thing one never regrets are one's mistakes"?




VAT inclusive
price (€)

VAT exclusive
price (€)

Gift bag in black velvety fabric - small

8 €

7 €

Gift bag in black velvety fabric - large

12 €

10 €

Window box - small

8 €

7 €

Window box - large

9 €

8 €

Deluxe Box - size 1

11,30 €

9,42 €

Deluxe Box - size 2

14,10 €

11,75 €

Deluxe Box - size 3

16 €

13 €

Deluxe Box - size 4

20 €

17 €

Hat box - small

39,10 €

32,58 €

Hat box - large

56,50 €

47,08 €

Trunk - small

130 €

108,33 €

Trunk - large

290 €

241,67 €