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Made in FAUCHON flavoured teas are a balance between tea with woody or plant notes and flavour composed of aromas of flowers, fruit and spices. The two blend together to create harmony without one overpowering the other.


A historic line of business since its foundation… From the beginning, in 1886, FAUCHON started to serve green teas and exclusive blends such as Siva or Five O’Clock. The 1960’s saw the Maison breack new ground to become a creator of flavoured teas.

Unique flavoured teas… Each tea is composed by FAUCHON experts, just as fragrances are meticulously created by perfume artists : ingredients are selected and blended to harmonize highlight the flavours and achieve a perfect balance of sensations.

Made in France, Made in FAUCHON… FAUCHON shares its penchant for gourmet tastes and beauty in its teas and are known for excellence, audacity and modernity. Any tea by FAUCHON is an invitation to appreciate tea in a supremely French manner, uninhibited by rituals or conventions by like a true epicurean….

Thé FAUCHON Parfums de Fruits et Fleurs

Fruits & Flowers flavoured tea Collection mixes armfuls of flowers and fruit baskets like in paradise.

Violet and Wild Strawberry Tea from FAUCHON: The blending of green tea from Ceylon and black tea from China brings freshness and structure to the sweet and flowery notes of violet and strawberry.

Thé FAUCHON Collections Parfums Gourmands

Gourmandise Collection is inspired by FAUCHON’s own pastries and confectionery delights.

Raspberry Macaron tea from FAUCHON: inspired by the pastry with the same name and blending the taste of Darjeeling, raspberry and rose petals together, this tea accompanies with the raspberry macaroon perfectly.


Serve Fauchon’s most famous flavoured blend with our Eclat Noisette pastry.The first impression is the creaminess of the chocolate cream paired with the vanilla-flavoured sweetness of the tea. Gradually, the zip and heat of the tea’scitrus fruits come to the fore. The touch of lavender lingers in the mouth and combines perfectly with the generous roasted flavour of the praline.
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Earl Grey Tea - 13€   Earl Grey Vintage Tea - 16€   Earl Grey & Bleuets Tea - 13€