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  • Cream-filled and fruit-flavored macarons

    The box of 20 fresh macarons

    The art of the FAUCHON macaron: making us believe it’s simple, when, in fact, it’s anything but. Luckily, for FAUCHON and for you, years of practice makes perfect. The gift box of 10 cream-filled macarons and the gif box of 10 fruit-flavoured macarons delivered in France.

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Cream-filled and fruit-flavored macarons

The box of 20 fresh macarons

The box of 10 fruit-flavored macarons: 2 lemon, 3 rose & raspberry, 3 apricot and 2 vanilla.
The box of 10 cream-filled macarons: 2 caramel, 3 praline, 2 chocolate et 3 coffee.
The macarons assortments may be different depending on flavours availability.

Extravagant, seductive, luxurious and essential—quite simply, FAUCHON. 

Recognized worldwide for its pastry-making savoir-faire, FAUCHON proudly offers a selection of its famous macarons. Carefully and meticulously protected within a sophisticated box, the macarons are kept at an ideal temperature until they arrive at their destination.

The round, smooth and exquisitely airy outer cookie of FAUCHON macarons gives way to a creamy center that melts in your mouth… A delicious bite-size pastry that rekindles your tasting pleasure with each new flavor.

Macarons can be eaten up to 5 days after the shipping date indicated in the box. FAUCHON macarons are shipped in an isotherm and refrigerated packaging specifically designed to protect and keep cool during the entire transport. FAUCHON ships macarons with gel ice packs to ensure quality, you can reuse the pack but do not eat.

They need to be stored in the refrigerator upon receipt. FAUCHON Pastry Chef created for you a macarons’ recipe elaborated from high quality ingredients, which includes freezing to obtain a tender and crunchy tasting. Do not refreeze.

Please note: to facilitate delivery, please specify the phone number of the recipient.

Click here to find out more about our macarons flavours and composition.

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