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1- Why does honey crystallise?

Crystallisation is a natural process that happens over time, and will depend on the plant substances that the bees collect. It does not at all suggest that a honey is of poor quality. Rather, it is a sign of the honey's high lactose content.

2- Do FAUCHON products contain GMOs? (Genetically modified organism)

The ingredients used (ex. soy lecithin) in developing our products are not produced from genetically modified organisms.

3- Do you offer gluten-free products?

Gluten is found in products that contain wheat. The presence of gluten or gluten traces is listed on the labels of our products. We do offer gluten-free products.

4- Can candied chestnuts be transported?

Candied chestnuts sold in loose form may be transported short distances (no more than a few hours of travel time) at room temperature. However, for longer trips, we recommend vacuum-packed boxes that preserve candied chestnuts for up to two years before opening. Four sizes are available: 6, 8, 12 or 20 chestnuts, as well as a dozen Cognac candied chestnuts.

6- How do I preserve macarons?

FAUCHON macarons are good for five days after purchase. They must be stored in the lower part of your refrigerator. For maximum enjoyment, we recommend taking them out of the refrigerator 10 minutes prior to serving.