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  • NouveautéBarre rocher citron bergamote pistache

    Rocher lemon pistachio

    This stunning, traditional bar coated in white chocolate with pistachio sparkles reveals a lime fondant cake with a creamy lemon and bergamot centre. Learn More
  • NouveautéBarre rocher Tonka noisette

    Rocher milk hazelnut tonka

    This stunning, traditional bar coated in milk chocolate with hazelnut sparkles reveals a chocolate biscuit with a creamy tonka milk chocolate centre. Learn More
  • NouveautéBarre rocher noir amande

    Rocher black almond

    This stunning, traditional bar coated in dark chocolate with almond sparkles reveals a chocolate biscuit with a creamy 67% Fauchon chocolate and almond milk centre. Learn More
  • Éclair Caramel Beurre Salé - FAUCHON

    Salted butter caramel Eclair


    Caramel ganache and icing, decorated with chips of salted butter caramel.

    Learn More
  • Millefeuille Vanille - FAUCHON

    Individual Vanilla Millefeuille

    Caramelized puff pastry and Bourbon-Madagascar vanilla pastry cream. Learn More
  • Tarte citron meringué

    Lemon meringue pie

    Thin sugar dough, lemon paste, lemon cream, Italian meringue with lemon and lime zest Learn More
  • NouveautéPavlova Mangue Ananas individuelle

    Pavlova mango pineapple


    Delivering a harmony of flavours and textures, this fruity and light dessert displays gourmet flavours.

    Lying on a crunchy meringue bed, the creaminess of a Madagascar vanilla ganache combines with the freshness of pineapple cubes and fresh mango.

    A mango and passion fruit compote adds an overall acidic hint.

    Learn More
  • Paris-Brest eclair - FAUCHON

    Paris-Brest Eclair


    Mousseline cream, hazelnut and almond praline heart, roasted hazelnuts chips.

    Learn More
  • Tarte framboise Individuelle

    Raspberry pie

    Pure butter shortbread, light pastry cream with Bourbon vanilla, fresh raspberries and pistachios chips Learn More
  • Caramel Millefeuille - FAUCHON

    Caramel Millefeuille


    Caramelized puff pastry and caramel pastry cream covered with a thin layer of soft caramel with pieces of crunchy caramelized almonds.

    Learn More
  • NouveautéEntremets framboise rose individuelle

    Entremets mango coconut passion


    A lime and coconut fondant cake lies on a caramelised almond streusel. A mango and passion fruit compote accentuates the fragrant coconut mousse coating the entremets. 

    Learn More
  • Le Bisou-bisou


    Crispy crumble, caramelized almonds, vanilla biscuit flour rice, raspberries compote, Madagascar vanilla whipped ganache-tea "mélange FAUCHON". Learn More
  • Baba au Rhum individuel

    Rum baba individual

    This melting, soft baba dough with hints of citrus and vanilla is adorned with a Madagascar vanilla whipped ganache. A mature Trois Rivières rum delivers an explosion of fruit and spiced flavours. Learn More
  • NouveautéMont Kilimandjaro individuel

    Mount Kilimandjaro

    French meringue, Tanzanie chocolate mousse, caramelized almonds, almond biscuit, coffee cream, coffee whipped ganache, dark chocolate shell. Learn More
  • Carré Fraise individuel - FAUCHON


    Crispy chocolate biscuit, FAUCHON chocolate 67% mousse, soft chocolate biscuit, chocolate 64% cream. Learn More
  • NouveautéEntremets Auguste



    Crispy praline, chocolate biscuit, mandarin compote, mandarin and orange cream, milk chocolate 46% cream with mandarin.

    Learn More