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Raw Foie Gras and fresh flowers salad

Raw Foie Gras and fresh flowers salad - FAUCHONDiscover this recipe of raw foie gras and fresh flowers salad, of our Chief Jean-Pierre Clément.

Chocolate and honey madeleines

Madeleines FAUCHONChocolate and honey madeleines : gourmands and refined.

For 9 madeleines : 20g 70% cocoa chocolate - 65g butter - 2 eggs - 40g caster sugar - 6g honey - 20g milk - 10g powdered cocoa - 65g flour - 3g baking powder.

Raspberry marshmallow

GuimauveRaspberry marshmallow.

Ingredients for 8 marshmallows : 2 eggs whites – 80g caster sugar – 15g glucose – 1.5cl water – 3 sheets of gelatin – 24 raspberries

Orange mini madeleines

Orange mini madeleines : a surprising citrus fruit taste for your tea time.

Ingredients for 30 mini-madeleines : 2g baker’s yeast – 60g flour – 65g granulated sugar – 60g butter – 1 whole egg -  10 orange peel