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Arriving from Calvados in 1880, Auguste Fauchon began selling on the Place de la Madeleine with his all-seasons cart where he sold fruits and vegetables from France's best orchards and fields


The first Fauchon store opens at Place de la Madeleine.


Bakery / Pastry Counter opens.


The restaurant–tea room opens, which quickly becomes a Parisian institution, visited by wealthy and royal patrons from all over the world. FAUCHON becomes the chicest name in Paris, and the famous "Central 4354" becomes the most well-known telephone in the city. 

 Salon de thé FAUCHON en 1898



Auguste Fauchon opens "Grandes Caves de Réserves des Magasins Fauchon" on Rue de la Comète, near to Les Invalides. Its menu featured the best vintages from France, as well as a selection of international wines.


Auguste Fauchon takes his last breath and his children take over the House.



At the time when the taste for fine dining and luxury was becoming prevalent after World War II, the company is sold to Bulgarian-born manufacturer Joseph Pilosoff, who purchased the textile house, "Aux 100 000 chemises".
Like Auguste Fauchon, he had a bold and innovating spirit. He had the idea of entering into an agreement with Air France to import exotic and then-unknown products to Paris.

At FAUCHON, there were strawberries at Christmas-time, Chilean cherries and the first kiwis and avocados, which were given to loyal customers as gifts.





Creation continues with fruit-flavoured teas. Apple tea experiences overwhelming success in Japan. Ten years later, teas infused with flower petals were introduced, and are as popular today as they were on their launch.




The brand begins to grow internationally and the first retail outlet opens in Japan, with another in Qatar in 1994, Korea in 1995 and Egypt in 1996.


FAUCHON is sold by the descendants of the Pilosoff family.




Michel Ducros, who had been a FAUCHON shareholder since 1998, became its chairman and CEO on 14 January 2004. Making the motto of the company's founder his own ("Be the one and only"), he initiated an ambitious plan of reforming the company and modernising the brand.

The product offering was also reorganised to focus on the company's French roots, following a strategy named "Made in F - Made in FAUCHON, Made in France". With a new visual and graphic identity, a new image and a new store concept, a new FAUCHON era began.



After completely renovating its Paris Catering store in 2004, FAUCHON re-opens its 30 place de la Madeleine store in December, which was totally redesigned by Christian Biecher.

FAUCHON accelerates its worldwide expansion and opens FAUCHON stores and cafés primarily in Asia and the Middle East, and completely renovates its network of existing stores with the Japan store updated in 2005 and the Korean store in 2011.

FAUCHON also continued its development in France and developed new business sectors such as FAUCHON Receptions in Paris in 2009.








Macaroon/chocolate/gift boutiques open in Parisian airports.