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Legal notice

Mentions légales et crédits

Consulting, design and production: LA BOUTIQUE DE LUXE, PURPLE ASSOCIATES, XPRIME GROUPE, ORIXA, Marie Champarnaud, Joanne Epstein under the supervision of the FAUCHON e-commerce team.





©photo credits: Eric Traoré, Amélie Lombard,  Cécile Pigeon, You Photo, Alban Zanichelli, Jean-Baptiste Degez, Camille Verrier, Simon Grant, Pierre Balif, Luc Boegly, Grégoire Voevodsky


Intellectual property rights

Ex: The trademarks, logos, drawings, models and, more generally, all distinctive signs present on the www.fauchon.com site are the exclusive property of FAUCHON. 

Accordingly, FAUCHON shall take legal action against any person who, directly or indirectly, adversely affects its rights. 

 FAUCHON also advises you that this site is a copyrighted work. FAUCHON holds copyrights for each page constituting this site, its structure, as well as all elements featured therein (photographs, texts, etc.). As such, we remind you that any use or reproduction of any part of the site is strictly prohibited.




Website publisher: FAUCHON SAS 

Address of head office: 26 Place de la Madeleine
Telephone no.: +33 (0)1 70 39 38 00
RCS number: 326 315 462 (registered with the companies register in Paris)
Company capital: €8,000,000
VAT no.: FR 88 326 315 462
CNIL declaration receipt number: 159 55 14





Ecritel, 51 rue Le Peletier, 75009 Paris