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  • Chocolate eclair - FAUCHON

    Chocolate Eclair


    A rich chocolate eclair, delicately decorated with golden sprinkles.

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  • Salted butter caramel eclair - FAUCHON

    Salted butter caramel Eclair


    A creamy caramel eclair, delicately decorated with caramel sprinkles.

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  • Éclair Framboise - FAUCHON

    Raspberry Eclair


    This autumn, FAUCHON coats its éclair with pink and celebrates raspberry. The raspberry cream brings a tangy and fruity touch to the raspberry icing that covers the FAUCHON éclair, scattered with sparkling silver chips.

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  • Paris-Brest eclair - FAUCHON

    Paris-Brest Eclair


    A Paris-Brest eclair, both creamy and crunchy, delicately decorated with caramelized hazelnuts.

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