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FAUCHON careers

FAUCHON is where talented individuals unite, a family of expert seasoned chefs, tasters and brilliant designers who enrich our Made in F culinary excellence with their teams.

• Design business lines
• Production business lines
• Supply chain business lines
• Brand business lines
• Sales business lines
• Corporate business lines

Design business lines : design, R&D and product development

 Backed by their expertise and drawing inspiration from the nobility of French products and the richness of France's culinary heritage, our designers continuously develop and update FAUCHON products with passion and boldness. They work with a constant focus on innovation and the desire to constantly amaze and satisfy FAUCHON customers worldwide, in line with the brand's core values.

Production business lines: kitchen, pastry Shop and production management

With the highest standards, flexibility and talent, these teams of passionate professionals produce our chefs' creations with care, using the most innovative techniques that respect the quality of products.  Production is done in compliance with strict specifications that serve as a reference for all production teams.

Supply chain business lines: logistics, purchasing and supply

With the goal of providing the best products to our customers all over the world and guaranteeing their availability based on their seasonality, the Supply chain teams select and ship our products with due rigour and care, in compliance with legislation and hygiene standards.

Brand business lines: communication & operational marketing

As image bearers of the brand, this creative team conveys FAUCHON's identity to Paris and the rest of the world. With brand awareness and unrivalled aesthetics, this team of professionals puts the spotlight on FAUCHON's business activity, promotes products in our various retail outlets and showcases them with boldness and elegance.

Sales business lines: sales administration, international sales & distance selling, store sales

FAUCHON ambassadors aim to introduce our customers to our exceptional collections and the creations of our chefs. Driven by a conquering spirit, they deploy our strategy through various channels, ranging from store sales to developing partnerships (franchises, licenses, etc.).

Corporate business lines: finance, QSE, administrative support, human resources, information systems

As experts in their fields driven by a genuine spirit of service, these teams act as a solid support system for operational teams with the goal of optimising the management tools necessary for overseeing overseeing business activities.