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2015-2016 Offering FAUCHON Collection

New products are the stars of the 2015-2016 Offering FAUCHON collection !


Ask for greater creativity, and discover our latest, most beautiful confectionery platters, ever more extravagant and customisable.

FAUCHON has gone a step further, with chocolate-covered almonds, small calissons in every colour and every flavour, chocolate square bars to be shared like a moment of happiness, a moment of tenderness, a moment of importance. …


Coffret de confiserie FAUCHON Irrésistible Paris Coffret de confiserie FAUCHON Douceurs Parisiennes
     Confectionery platter Irrésistible Paris - €38   
Confectionery platter Douceurs Parisiennes - €170


Ask for more magic with exceptional gift boxes

FAUCHON has created for this year's collection a leather treasure box and a magic hat box.


Coffret Trésor de Macarons FAUCHON

Macarons gift box - 66

Suddenly, passion overcomes you, and you succumb. It is impossible to resist. You want them all. Every single FAUCHON macaron. The crisp ones, the ones that melt in your mouth. The fruity ones, the creamy ones. What flavour will you choose? All of them. There are 32 macarons in the treasure chest… 32 passionate, intense, unforgettable sensations. 




Boite Coup de chapeau FAUCHON



Coup de chapeau - €480

Foie gras, scallop confit, marrons glacés, truffle products, chocolate boxes: you’ll be struck breathless, you won’t believe your eyes, gasp in admiration... some expressions were invented for just this point in life, the moment you open a FAUCHON hatbox and discover what is inside. Pure luxury. Nothing short of exceptional...