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24-26, Place de la Madeleine, an iconic Parisian landmark for over 130 years


24-26 Place de la Madeleine offers a collection of fresh sweet and savoury products, a fine selection of great classics with a modern twist. FAUCHON chefs and experts pair their expertise and ingenuity with the desire to stay creative and inspire others to dream: French-farmed caviar, mandarin and pink peppercorn smoked salmon, foie gras with black Périgord truffle or rose petals, Comté cheeses aged for 27 months and exceptional pièces montées

Caterer and pastry are open from 10am to 8:30pm, Monday to Saturday.
Bakery and Mad Bar are open from 8am to 8:30pm, Monday to Saturday.
Order Desk, 24-26 Place de la Madeleine 
Telephone +33 (0)1 70 39 38 02

For any information, please contact us  (+33) 1 70 39 38 00



La pâtisserie FAUCHON

Pastry-making has been one of the brand's crafts of choice since 1895. The House's pastry chefs invent new expressions of dessert and introduce original, creative twists on the éclair, macaron, baba au rhum, mille-feuilles, cakes and traditional puddings.

FAUCHON takes great pleasure in surprising, amazing and delighting the senses. Original creations such as Caractic Or, Eclat, Snow choc, Carrémangue, Piou Piou, Electrochoc éclairs and Eclairs Saint Honoré are extremely elegant and balanced on the palette. Inspired by seasonal products, the thirty or so annual creations are a harmonious blend of delicacy and indulgence.



La Boulangerie FAUCHON


Iconic of typical French expertise, FAUCHON Bakery breads and Danish pastries are produced using traditional recipes that are respectful of ingredients and cooking times to offer products of optimal quality. The bakery's creative offering beautifully displays Made in FAUCHON expertise.


Le traiteur FAUCHON



In tune with the seasons, FAUCHON at 24-26 Place de la Madeleine proudly uses vegetables and delicate, refined recipes that provide a fresh take on traditional French dishes. Created with essential, characteristic and seasonal French products, FAUCHON catering creations offer a wide range of delights for all gourmets.



La charcuterie FAUCHON

Fine Charcuterie


The extraordinary FAUCHON charcuterie menu is the fruit of the finest products France has to offer: foie gras with incredible rare, classic or more creative flavours, typical terrines, as well as the finest hams, such as Noir de Bigorre with a delicate, almost buttery taste.

Foie Gras

Le foie gras FAUCHON

A historical FAUCHON product since it was founded in 1886, foie gras is iconic of fine French gastronomy at an international scale. FAUCHON has continued this heritage with a fresh, inspired outlook on the dish, which has long been a symbol of local French products. Foie gras, an extremely refined ingredient, perfectly captures aromas and offers infinite possibilities for creativity.

FAUCHON draws inspiration from different eras and seasons to reveal the many facets of foie gras by combining it with fruit, flowers, wines and spirits, spices, aromatic herbs, tea, etc. Every FAUCHON foie gras creation becomes a true gourmet experience.

Whimsy, delight and gourmet luxury are behind around 30 bold and original goose foie gras recipes that boast incredible subtlety, as well as duck foie gras with straightforward, musky flavours: 20% truffle; cocoa, galangal and Tonka bean; rose petals; subtle notes of black tea from China and citrus zest, etc. 




Le fromage FAUCHON

FAUCHON displays its commitment to the art of French cheese-making, providing its modern vision, expertise and deep respect for the raw product. For more than four years, the House has been committed to providing a cheese offer that demonstrates in-depth knowledge of the craft. FAUCHON offers a selection of approximately 45 cheeses that reflect the various regions of France: classics such as Camembert from Normandy, Roquefort Grand Affinage, Beaufort Chalet d’Alpage, as well as goat cheese from Provence or Bleu de Termignon, etc.

Carefully selected from local artisanal cheese producers by François Robin, FAUCHON's cheese Chef, the House's cheeses demonstrate its ongoing search for impeccably refined "grands crus": distinguished and vibrant products, great classics and rarities that reflect a particular region and incredible, unknown flavour.

To break away from the tradition of enjoying cheese only at the end of a meal, FAUCHON combines colourful goat cheese or pressed cheese cooked with the best spices, fruits and alcohols to create custom-made platters. For François Robin, "FAUCHON is about breaking the norms and going where no-one else dares to go".


Les produits de la mer FAUCHON

Caviar is to gastronomy what the diamond is to jewellery: an absolute House must. FAUCHON offers a selection of Osetra and Beluga caviars, as well as unique French caviar farmed in the Sologne and Aquitaine regions.

Smoked salmon (another classic in fine gastronomy) makes the FAUCHON offering complete with 13 hand-picked types of salmon, either plain or featuring creative blends. Displaying elegance and a careful balance between smooth and firm textures, all have strong character yet are unique. They undergo a tailored smoking process performed by artisanal curers from Kazakh Kaviar to form the exceptional Made in F smoked salmon range, which includes Hibiki (famous Japanese whiskey) salmon, salmon marinated in mandarin and pink peppercorns or salmon paired with violet or wild blueberries.