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iconic products

Fifteen iconic products, 15 brand signatures: a selection of some of the finest products FAUCHON has to offer. 
FAUCHON is where one can savour well-known classics with a twist that are expertly executed by House Chefs. It is also where one can be surprised by bold and creative interpretations of these essentials taken from France's gastronomical heritage.


 An iconic House creation since 2003, the éclair is the signature pastry of FAUCHON.

In less than a decade, FAUCHON has boldly reinvented this classic from French gastronomy with best-selling chocolate éclairs, very chic Raspberry Champagne éclairs and its latest creation, the Saint Honoré éclair, a delightful blend of two iconic recipes from French pastry-making topped with fluffy Chantilly crème and caramel lace. FAUCHON pastry chefs reinterpret éclairs with renewed inspiration. 

Le Choc Made in F

CHOC MADE IN F: an intense new collection of chocolates with striking boldness in terms of taste, visual appearance and emotion. 

The numbers - Each unique flavour is assigned a number. Numbered from 0-9, these chocolates hold the most dearly loved flavours among chocolate aficionados within their delicate shells. Flavours such as vanilla, cream, coffee, full-bodied, fruity, caramel, etc. are nestled within custom-made boxes. From pure Madagascar Bourbon vanilla to the perfect balance of dark Venezuelan chocolate or the intense flavours of Valencia almond, the chocolate slowly reveals its top, middle and base notes for an experience you will want to repeat again and again. What number are you?

Creative recipes - A creative and contemporary line of ten chocolates offering a variety of forms and flavour notes. Bursts of gourmet fruit, flower aromas and spices are revealed from within ganache, praline, dark or milk chocolate to best reveal the chocolate's many facets.

Mélange FAUCHON Tea

Thé Mélange FAUCHON


FAUCHON, a creator of flavoured teas since 1886, composes each of its teas in the way that master perfumers combine their essences. The FAUCHON blend is one of the most famous tea creations by the House: it is a fruity black tea in which the aroma of citrus zest pairs harmoniously with sensual vanilla.


Arabian nights foie gras

A historical recipe from the House of FAUCHON, this creation is an invitation to travel. Whole duck foie gras is enhanced with a unique blend of spices including ginger, coriander, cumin, black pepper, fenugreek, nutmeg, cinnamon, cardamom, tarragon, wild garlic, rose petals, etc. A wide palette of flavours for unforgettable taste. 


Macarons FAUCHON


At FAUCHON, making macarons is like a dance that is rehearsed a thousand times until it’s perfect, so that its smooth, airy outer shell gives way to a creamy centre that melts in the mouth. Varieties include classic flavours with a touch of creativity (such as milk chocolate-passion fruit) or more surprising, yet just as harmonious, blends such as rose raspberry. Totally irresistible.




A House classic for over 30 years, the Megève combines the tradition of the French meringue with Tahitian vanilla and the smoothness of a dark chocolate ganache on a crispy praline biscuit, enhanced with the slight bitterness of cocoa.

Les marrons glacés de Turin

Marrons glacés de Turin FAUCHON


Candied chestnuts from Turin perfectly represent all that a candied chestnut should be. At FAUCHON, these great classics are produced in accordance with the purest traditions: before being candied, chestnuts are manually wrapped in tulle muslin to preserve their subtle taste. Some recipes maintain this tradition yet are updated with a splash of creativity, combining candied chestnuts with chocolate or vodka.

F biscuits

Les biscuits FAUCHON


Plain and flavoured F biscuits are made by perfectly combining fresh butter, high quality wheat flour, extra-fresh eggs from Brittany and love, for finely baked cookies. In the shape of streamlined squares with a simple monogram imprint, they are true contemporary delicacies from an artisan cookie maker.


Strawberry and rose petals jam

Confiture de fraise et pétales de rose FAUCHON


Nothing is more representative of the French "art de vivre" than delicious strawberry jam. And, nothing is more "FAUCHON" than this traditional recipe, in which fruit pulp is candied in copper cauldrons and then given a bold touch with the addition of Provins rose petals.

Brie with truffles

Le brie à la truffe FAUCHON


This original and exclusive recipe of Brie topped with fresh black Melanosporum truffles is a must-have of the House. It combines the smooth, creamy texture and extremely subtle notes of hazelnut that are characteristic of Brie with the powerful, intoxicating aroma of truffle. An essential for Christmas.

Truffle potato purée

Purée à la truffe FAUCHON


An iconic House dish, Melanosporum truffle potato purée is a seasonal delicacy in line with pure French gastronomic tradition. The flavour and power of truffles enhances the potatoes and gives them a refined character.

Confectionery platters

Confiserie FAUCHON


These shimmery iridescent sweet-filled boxes delight both the eyes and the palate: with calissons, giandujas, fruit pastes, candied chestnuts and mendiants, FAUCHON combines glamorous confectionery creations and pure gourmandise in these trays.

Salmon millefeuille

Millefeuille de saumon FAUCHON


A great classic from French pastry-making that turned savoury in 2004. FAUCHON used all of its boldness and creativity to take this daring risk. The subtle blend of an airy, flaky crust, Norwegian salmon and light dill-flavoured cream is as popular today as it was when it was first introduced.

FAUCHON Champagne

Sparkly, refined foam, succulent aromas of white fruits and uncompromising freshness are among the best qualities of FAUCHON Champagne. The House expertly knows how to add a non-conformist touch that is worthy of the greatest champagne producers.

FAUCHON caviar



"Made in F" caviar. Caviar is to gastronomy what the diamond is to jewellery: an absolute House must. FAUCHON offers a variety of French caviar farmed in the Sologne and Aquitaine regions that reveal full-bodied, slightly iodised notes, a supreme sign of quality.