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  • Caviar spoon 7cm

    Caviar spoon 7cm


    A must for the tasting of caviar.

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  • Caviar spoon 12cm

    Caviar spoon 12cm


    A must for the tasting of caviar.

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  • Caviar Baeri d'Aquitaine 30g

    Caviar butter 50g


    Caviar butter is an exclusive and original recipe created by Caviar de Neuvic. The creamy butter, added to the caviar freshness make it a flavourful and original bouquet.

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  • NouveautéCaviar Baeri d'Aquitaine FAUCHON

    Baeri Caviar from Aquitaine


    French caviar selected in Aquitaine for the sensual and creamy texture of its stunning eggs. It ravishes the palate with its delicate vegetable notes.

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  • Caviar Osciètre d'Uruguay

    Oscietra caviar from Uruguay


    This elegant caviar was selected in Uruguay at a fish farm which has been breeding sturgeons in unparalleled conditions since 1995. Its bursting-with-flavour dark-grey well-sized eggs reveal buttery and nutty notes that linger on the palate. 

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  • Caviar Beluga de Bulgarie - Fauchon

    Caviar Osciètre Gold


    One of the finest products from Iran – the true home of caviar. Steel to golden coloured eggs with a rare powerful aroma. A gourmet treat which triggers the strongest emotions.

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