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France & Europe
We deliver in France and Europe through Chronopost. You may also choose Chronopost Relais delivery, in France.
Exception : Some products, like macaroons, are very fragile, with a short product life. They can therefore be delivered only in France through Chronopost home delivery.
Place de la Madeleine, Paris
Some products are available for collection in our Place de la Madeleine, Paris store.
Paris & Paris Area
Some fragil or fresh products can only be delivered with our waiter service in Paris and Paris area.
Available departments : 75, 92, 93 and 94.
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  • Pear-Sweet potatoe-Vanilla Preserve

    Pear-Sweet potatoe-Vanilla Preserve


    A  harmonious mixture of flavours and textures with tasty fruit pieces, and a hint of vanilla, offering a soft and comforting preserve.

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  • Confiture Un Soir de Noël agrumes, cannelle et gingembre - FAUCHON

    Un Soir de Noël Preserve citrus fruits, cinnamon and ginger


    The traditional bitter and sweet oranges without which Christmas just wouldn’t be Christmas, lemon to add a tangy note, ginger for an exotic touch and cinnamon for its slightly woody and spicy flavour… and that little extra touch called the magic of Christmas make this textured sweet jam a true gourmet treat.

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  • Cream of Chestnuts

    Cream of Chestnuts

    Regression is very trendy these days, especially when it tastes of chestnuts. Learn More
  • Dulce de Leche

    Dulce de Leche

    Regression is very trendy these days, especially when it tastes of milk. Learn More
  • Absolute Fruit Figs

    Absolute Fruit Figs

    We take out just enough sugar to give the fruit more room. You can be careful and still have absolute taste. Learn More
  • French Acacia honey

    French Acacia honey


    A very sweet honey designed for food lovers, who will appreciate the finesse of an exceptional honey.

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  • French flower honey

    French flower honey


    With its aromatic variety, this honey is a true taste sensation.

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  • Les recettes de miel aux aromates - FAUCHON

    Honey and herb based recipe 250g


    Our chefs’ skill makes for an aromatic palette of chopped herbs, shallots and onions, combined with a sweet honey, working wonders in the process!
    A harmonious recipe in which scented herbs combine with the delicate notes of honey.

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