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  • Lemon and spearmint green flavoured tea (teabags)

    Lemon and spearmint green flavoured tea (teabags)


    A lemon sorbet, coconut and spearmint green flavoured tea you can drink either hot or iced.

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  • NouveautéThé Énergie - FAUCHON

    Energy tea


    A roasted Hojicha green tea with lapacho, maté grillé and vanilla: a boosting recipe signed by FAUCHON.

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  • Mint Green Tea

    Mint Green Tea

    Lay a table in the orchard. Mint Green tea in the country simply can’t be refused. Learn More
  • Tea A Parisian Garden

    Tea A Parisian Garden

    This tea evokes a springtime stroll around a Parisian garden in full bloom. This fruity and gourmet Green China tea is blended with honey, rosebuds, pineapple chunks, peach and apricot flavouring, rose-lotus and heather blossom. Learn More
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  • Anti-Age Tea

    Anti-Age Tea

    Beauty products you can eat, gourmet food that’s good for the skin…and why not beauty you can infuse?
    Chinese green tea flavored with spearmint and mango, with rose petals. Learn More