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2015-2016 Offering FAUCHON Collection

You'll discover here the new 2015-2016 Offering FAUCHON Collection. Full of gastronomy and new products, this new edition will enable you to offer a gift that fits you. In each category, you'll find FAUCHON must haves , form chocolats boxes to macaron, gits boxes, Champagne... Accordgin to your budget, from little thoughts to exceptional gift, you'll find the right gift for you client. 

New products of that 2015-2016 collection are the stars  : discover all the new products by clicking on that link  2015-2016 new products.



Little Thoughts - Catalogue FAUCHON Offrir 2014-2015

Little Thoughts


Some little thoughts can mean the world, some small gestures take on an immense scale, some small pleasures can move mountains. Sometimes happiness comes in the smallest of packages.

Discover the Little Thoughts section 

Designed to please - Catalogue FAUCHON Offrir 2014-2015

Designed to Please


What does FAUCHON offer in the €45 to €130 range?
Its taste, its character, its experience, its daring, its expertise, its elegance, its gourmandise, its glamour, its history, its creativity, its chicness, its high standards, its luxury, its abundance, its talent, its aura, and a few more things if you look carefully.

Discover the Designed to Please section

Exceptional gifts - Catalogue FAUCHON Offrir 2014-2015

Exceptional Gifts


The inaccessible is within arm’s reach, the exceptional can be had every day, the impossible is available on demand. “Let us be happy, let us scorn all that is not our own sweet folly!” said Verlaine.
So let’s be happy. Let’s give into our folly.

Discover the Exceptional Gift section


FAUCHON and you

A privileged partnership FAUCHON A quote within 48 hours Deliveries through out Europe


10, 100, 500 parcels to deliver individually in France and Europe? 
In order to make your deliveries simple, please download the multi address table to complete and send back to the Gift and Business department. 

Discover our new catalogue online

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