Pre-packaged fresh macarons & fresh chocolates

This coming fall Fauchon will introduce its new range of sweet gourmet gifts: fresh pre-packaged macarons and chocolates.

Exclusively developed for Travel Retail environments as well as downtown Department Stores, this range of products will allow retailers to add fresh Fauchon signature macarons and fresh chocolates to their store’s retail mix while avoiding all manipulation of loose product and need of permanent staff to serve customers.

The Macarons will be packaged in a luxurious cardboard gift box with ribbons and a window on top allowing people to have an immediate view on the proposed assortment.

Each box will be composed of 6 macarons, mixing best-selling unique Fauchon flavours: Pistacchio, Vanilla, Chocolate, Raspberry, Strawberry & Lemon.

Fresh chocolate boxes will be offered in pre-packaged gift boxes of 9 and 15 praline and ganache chocolates. Our assortment of fine chocolates has been completely re-imagined in partnership with Pascal Caffet, World Champion of Chocolate Pastry and “Meilleur Ouvrier de France”.

This new line distinguishes itself with delicate natural flavors, subtle yet contrasted textures, less sugar and appealing visuals and shapes.

Themed sleeves will be proposed suggested to retailers on all our boxes to add a sense of locality to our products.

This new range of products will be displayed in a branded self-service refrigerated display. This high-quality fixture will integrate all the branding codes developed for the recently developed Mini Fauchon Retail concept.The Mini Fauchon visual identity is especially defined by a precious electrocolored metal finish that reflects and saturates the environment depending on the light, through the iconic FAUCHON pink.

This refrigerated display is a versatile tool as it can be placed in various configurations thanks to its reduced dimensions and its wheels: it can be put against a wall, inserted into a wall bay, or installed as a free-standing unit. All sides of the fixture can be used either to communicate around our offers or to display actual confectionery and fine food products on it (tea, biscuits, chocolates) thanks to a smart removable shelving system.