Signature Chocolate Macarons

Fauchon Paris


Chocolate lovers won't believe their taste buds. FAUCHON has come up with a Signature collection of 5 new chocolate macarons for aficionados and lovers of great vintages! Prepare to melt before a crescendo of flavour, from white chocolate to ultra dark, 100% cocoa chocolate. As beautiful as they are tasty, they're bound to be a hit...

The Collection

White chocolate & milk heart macarons

White chocolate macaron with milk centre

A creamy white chocolate ganache, with a hint of vanilla and a creamy, 34% cocoa milk chocolate centre. The smooth white chocolate macaron with milk chocolate centre and a two-taste ganache adds a milky and retro touch to this new collection. Origin: Ivory Coast and France.

Milk chocolate macarons

Milk chocolate macaron

A perfectly balanced, milky milk chocolate macaron that’s not too sweet. A smooth, 34% cocoa milk chocolate ganache, reinforced by a hint of Venezuela-origin cocoa for a ganache that leaves an exceptional taste in your mouth. Origin: Ivory Coast and Venezuela. 

Dark chocolate macarons

Dark chocolate macaron

The dark chocolate macaron's ganache is strong but balanced. This recipe, designed to be the most classic of the chocolate range, is intense without being too sugary or bitter. The choice of 62% Carupano Venezuelan cocoa definitely helps. Origin: Venezuela (Carupano) - Criollo beans. 

Fruity dark chocolate macarons

Fruity dark chocolate macaron

A dark chocolate macaron with unequalled finesse. A slightly citrus ganache with fruit notes that isn't too bitter. The delicious after-taste and notes of citrus fruits will surprise you. Origin: Dominican Republic - Trinitario beans.

Ultra dark chocolate macarons

Ultra dark chocolate macaron

Composed of pure cocoa paste (100% cocoa/sugar-free) from Venezuela, the Ultra Dark Chocolate Macaron is the strongest, most full-bodied and surprising of the range. Authentic, flavourful, and without bitterness, Venezuelan dark chocolate is considered to be one of the finest. This flavour will satisfy those who love great vintages and intense dark chocolates. Origin: Venezuela - Criollo beans.

This collection is available in store in boxes of 8, 12 or 16 macarons.
Box of 8 macarons: €18 | Box of 12 macarons: €27 | Box of 16 macarons: €36