Delivery with Hipli



Sensitive to the environment, FAUCHON has decided to set up a delivery service in HIPLI reusable packages, an initiative aimed at reducing waste and the carbon footprint. When you make your delivery, choose to avoid cardboard waste and send your parcel back for free.


HIPLI is a package designed to be reused 100 times and optimized logistics so that it really is.

HIPLI reusable parcels are offered as an option at FAUCHON so that receiving your order in HIPLI is always a choice.

Upon receipt, you determine your purchases and respond to the package by following the instructions on the back. No more packages to throw in your bins and an effective gesture to reduce the carbon impact.

How it works ?

1. Select the HIPLI delivery method in your shopping cart;
2. Receive your order in a reusable HIPLI package.
3. Fold the HIPLI package back into its return pocket.
4. Redeposit it for free via the nearest yellow La Poste mailbox.

Delivery to your home, office or loved one, within 24 to 48 hours after shipment. Thanks to the postage printed on each package, it returns to the HIPLI workshop in Le Havre, where each package is cleaned, repaired if necessary and put back into circulation.

HIPLI impact

HIPLI packages have a lower environmental impact than a box from the second use.

HIPLI parcels are light and fold in mail format to limit the environmental impact of postal returns: a postal journey between Tours and Le Havre emits 20g of CO2, i.e. the average impact of sending an email.

HIPLI packages have a lower environmental impact than cardboard packages, even with a content of 100% recycled material: -83% of the carbon footprint for the large format by example.


2€ is the price of this eco-responsible gesture, FAUCHON Paris covers 1€.

We take the first step by offering a package that can be reused 100 times but it is you who makes the gesture that matters most by sending it back to be reused Actually.

Our Hipli delivery service is available on selected products, if your basket is eligible, Hipli will be displayed in the delivery method section.