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Sweet tiered cake

From 25 people

Composed of round or square cakes, chosen according to the season, choose the sweet tiered cake and treat yourself to an exceptional bespoke FAUCHON creation.

This tiered cake can be made with 2 to 5 tiers:
2 tiers: 25 people (375€)
3 tiers: 40 people (600€)
4 tiers: 60 people (900€)
5 tiers: 80 people (1200€)

The sweet tiered cake is temporarily unavailable.
Ref. 01005945

Pleasure is endless at FAUCHON. Discover the exceptional sweet creations and treat yourself to the most extravagant tiered cake: the sweet tiered cake. Only for great gourmets. Composed of round or square cakes, chosen according to the season, this tiered cake is available in 2,3,4 and 5 tiers. Customise your tiered cake with our seasonal cakes.

The Shopping Service FAUCHON is here to advise you and help you compose your exceptional, bespoke, tiered cake.

This tiered cake can be made with 2 to 5 tiers:
2 tiers: 25 people (375€)
3 tiers: 40 people (600€)
4 tiers: 60 people (900€)
5 tiers: 80 people (1200€)

For any questions, to place an order or to request an estimate, contact FAUCHON Shopping Service:
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Sweet tiered cake
Sweet tiered cake