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Discover the exceptional flavours of FAUCHON teas. Black teas, green teas, flavoured teas, infusions, a hot drink for every moment of the day. FAUCHON offers you luxury teas and infusions that will take you on a journey. From India to China, from the fresh flavours of mint or lemon to the full-bodied and subtle taste of Earl Grey, our teas of exceptional quality will be a refined interlude with varied and sometimes surprising flavours. Our Thés d'Origine range will allow you to discover great vintages, exceptional teas from China, Japan and India. These luxury teas will seduce lovers of classic tastes with their different flavours depending on their origin and drying method. Our range of flavoured teas is the promise of a playful and gourmet hot drink. Let yourself be surprised by an Earl Grey spiced up with a touch of blueberry or accompany a refined snack with our Macaroon Tea for a surprisingly sweet touch. Try our Mint or Lemon Mint Teas, as delicious hot as they are refreshing in an iced version for the summer. Need calm, serenity or to boost your energy? Our wellness infusions will prepare you for a good night's sleep and give you the energy you need throughout the day. FAUCHON's tea boxes are an ideal gift, loose or in tea bags. We offer you magnificent tea gift boxes to introduce our best creations and our exceptional teas to your friends and family. Loose teas keep all their aroma thanks to the iron boxes forming a real cocoon to protect their delicate leaves. Teas in tea bags are individually wrapped for intense freshness. Feel like a treat? Our jam and tea box is an invitation to an exceptional breakfast. Our magnificent mugs with their contemporary and pure design and our tea ball in a seductive pink are the perfect accessories for a quality gift. Our three-beat hourglass will complete the wellness ritual. It is designed to calculate the ideal infusion time for each type of tea for an enchanting tasting experience.