Fine & praline chocolates

Fine & praline chocolates
Fauchon chocolates are exceptional morsels shaped by our experts just for your pleasure. With our fine chocolates presented in their case, connoisseurs will indulge in a high-flying tasting experience. Our praline chocolates will make lovers of dried fruit ganache melt in their mouths.

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FAQ: Fine chocolates and pralines

What is a praline?

Praline is a tasty preparation made from dried fruits. Generally, the latter are almonds or hazelnuts caramelized and crushed, then mixed with sugar and chocolate. Praline is very often used to garnish chocolates by bringing crunchy and melting.

What is the difference between praline chocolates and fine chocolates?

Praline chocolates are distinguished from fine chocolates by the addition of praline, a mixture of almonds or caramelized hazelnuts. Fine chocolates, on the other hand, are often made from high-quality pure chocolate, with varied flavors and textures.

What ingredients are used in Fauchon chocolates?

Fauchon praline chocolates are prepared with the best ingredients. They include premium chocolate, carefully selected almonds and hazelnuts, sugar and other natural ingredients that bring exceptional flavors.

What types of praline chocolates does Fauchon offer?

Fauchon offers a diverse range of praline chocolates to satisfy the most demanding palates. Created by Chef Patissier and Chocolatier Fauchon in collaboration with Pascal Caffet, Chef Chocolatier and Meilleur Ouvrier de France, our selection includes traditional pralines, hazelnut pralines, crispy pralines, pralines coated with milk or dark chocolate, and many other gourmet creations composed of fruits, dried fruits or caramel. For the most curious of you, opt for an assortment bringing together all the aforementioned flavors.

How are Fauchon chocolates and pralines packaged?

The fine chocolates and pralines are delicately arranged in their black box and protected by a pink case, the emblematic color of Fauchon. The elegant box comes in several formats depending on the quantity of chocolates you order.

How to store Fauchon chocolates?

To preserve their freshness and flavors, it is recommended to taste Fauchon praline chocolates within 2 to 3 weeks of purchase. Store chocolates in a cool, dry place (between 4°C and 16°C), away from direct sunlight and strong temperature variations.

Can I offer fine chocolates and pralines?

Absolutely! Fauchon pralines are a great gift idea for chocolate lovers. Their refined taste and elegant presentation make them appreciated gifts on all occasions. Fauchon also offers special gift boxes that highlight the beauty and delicacy of these chocolates. Think of the Magnum champagne box and 30 chocolates for your next festivities.

To make your special events even more memorable, you can add a personalized message and a Prestige bag when validating your cart. Discover the box of 24 exceptional pralines accompanied by the bottle of champagne Fauchon for special occasions.

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FAUCHON has no more secrets for chocolate pleasures. The French house favours an aroma of character, with boxes of fine chocolates. Any occasion is favourable to taste an authentic chocolate with a pronounced taste. On the site, you can discover all the brand's showcases, blending the various flavours so much appreciated: praline chocolates, dark chocolate, caramel or milk ganache... Each bite promises a unique flavour and absolute delicacy. Indulge your guests with a gourmet, elegant and quality chocolate at the end of the meal. Accompanied by coffee or tea, FAUCHON chocolates invite your guests to discover the taste and a sweet touch that is so much appreciated. If you are invited, surprise your guests with a gourmet gift, with a focus on French savoir-faire. FAUCHON's elegant boxes make its chocolates a much-appreciated attention-getter, which will delight your loved ones. Also discover the brand's special collections for traditional holidays: Christmas, Valentine's Day, Easter...
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