Mocktail recipe "Christmas Fairy"


Recipe for 6 persons

  • 60 cl iced of "Christmas Eve tea"
  • 20 cl mango puree
  • 30 cl pineapple juice
  • 6 cl lemon juice
  • 12 cl coconut cream
  • 6 cl brown syrup
  • Cinnamon powder
  • A few ice cubes
  • 3 passion fruits with caramelized icing sugar
  • 6 slices of lemon

The "Christmas Eve" Tea

"Christmas Eve tea" : Discover black tea from China, combined with roasted pineapple, candied orange peel, and exotic Christmas spices. A warm tea with natural and fragrant aromas to warm the holidays.

From this beautiful tea we will make a Mocktail.


step 1 : prepare the ingredients

  • Put 8 g of "Christmas Eve" tea in 3 muslin bags and infuse for 12 to 15 hours in spring water.
  • Cut the lemons into thin slices 3 mm thick, place them on a sheet of baking paper and bake at 55°C. Dehydration can take from 2 to 6 hours, depending on the thickness of the slices and their water content. Turn them over every hour.
  • Set aside in a dry place.

step 2 : the mocktail

  • In a shaker, add 12 cl of mango puree, 30 cl of pineapple juice, 6 cl of lemon juice, 12 cl of coconut cream, 6 cl of brown syrup, about ten ice cubes, 60 cl of "Christmas Eve" iced tea and add the cinnamon.
  • Mix and shake.

Assembly and finishing : 

  • Put crushed ice in a Highball cocktail glass, then pour about 20cl of the mixture into the glass.
  • Place a slice of dried lemon, then ½ passion fruit on top.
  • Enjoy the mocktail chilled and well-chilled.