Since ancient times, plants have been an inexhaustible source of benefits and well-being for the body and mind. Soothing, refreshing or comforting, the Fauchon Garden presents a selection that places plants at the heart of all attentions. Secrets of aromatic plants and flowers with multiple benefits, Fauchon invites you to a walk where you can be enchanted by the wonders of nature, at any time of the day, and even at the latest hours of the night.

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What distinguishes the infusions of the Jardin Fauchon?

Appreciated for their superior quality and delicacy, the infusions of the Fauchon Garden put plants, flowers and fruits at the heart of all attention by offering unique blends harmoniously combining refined flavors. Soothing, refreshing or comforting, each infusion is carefully selected to offer an exceptional taste experience.

What is the distinction between herbal tea and infusion?

Infusion is a method of preparation that involves pouring hot water, usually at a temperature of 80 to 90°C, onto mixtures of plants, flowers or fruits, and allowing them to infuse for a while before consuming. Herbal tea, meanwhile, is a drink that can be prepared in different ways: by infusion, of course, but also by maceration or decoction.

How to prepare and taste infusions?

The brewing time varies between 4 and 10 minutes depending on the product:

  • Merchant Dream Infusion: 4 minutes
  • Rooibos Fresh Pineapple & Hibiscus: 5 minutes
  • Lime Mint Infusion, Chamomile Infusion, Rose Buds, Peppermint Infusion and Verbena Infusion: 10 minutes

What is the Marchand de Rêve infusion made of?

Marchand de Rêve infusion is a gourmet creation based on South African Rooibos, chamomile and verbena, with sweet notes of honey and caramel. This infusion is naturally caffeine-free, perfect for soothing tasting at any time of the day.

What are the virtues of Tilleul Menthe infusion?

The infusion Lime Mint is a fresh and honeyed tea, known for its calming and digestive virtues. It is an ideal choice to relax after a busy day, or to regain its lightness after a hearty meal.

What are the benefits of chamomile infusion?

Chamomile infusion is a floral tea with sweet bitterness, known for its soothing virtues. At the tasting, it is a real moment of relaxation and serenity that is offered to you.

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