Chocolate & sweets

Chocolate & sweets
Chocolate & sweets
Go ahead and have a piece of chocolate... Fine dark or milk chocolate cover that pretends to resist under the tooth to better languish in the mouth later. Then comes the melting of an unctuous ganache and the crunchiness of a naughty praline. The epitome of delicacy by FAUCHON. Our assortments of chocolates in cases or boxes can be offered as a gift to be enjoyed voluptuously. You will also discover our chocolate and confectionery composition: elegant mini-calissons, delicate fruit pastes, pulpy and rich in taste, refined caramels, with salted butter or fruit pieces ...
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FAQ - Fauchon chocolate boxes

What flavours can we find in Fauchon chocolate boxes?

Each box is composed of delicious chocolates. Depending on the collections, you can find Noir 66%, a delicious dark chocolate ganache with 66% cocoa, Hazelnut Crisp, a hazelnut praline, crepe lace & milk chocolate or chocolates with fruity sweets like Raspberry and Violet, a dark chocolate made with a raspberry ganache flavored with violet.

Fauchon chocolate boxes with diverse flavours are suitable for everyone: black, milk, blond, filled, fruit, dried fruit, flowers… a multitude of small sweets for the pleasure of all.

At Fauchon, master chocolatier, the stunning mouthfuls are made from cocoa beans from different equatorial regions of Africa, Indonesia and America. From harvesting to processing cocoa beans, mixing, concreting and coating, Fauchon and its partners deploy all their know-how and craftsmanship to offer you the best of chocolate. They select quality ingredients for you and use traditional techniques to create and offer exceptional chocolates.

Discover all the steps of making Fauchon chocolates.

What is Fauchon’s selection of chocolate boxes?

Fauchon, a chocolate expert, offers an exceptional selection of chocolates to delight your taste buds and eyes. For young and old gourmets, a selection of boxes come in different sizes and compositions. The boxes contain between 4 and 54 chocolates, with varied tastes and shapes. Opt for the setting of 8 rocks, box of unique chocolates that exalt the intense and fruity flavors of an artisanal praline with a crunchy coating. The collection of 54 chocolates in a 490g case reveals an original line of noble mouthfuls displaying the intensity and subtlety of cocoa.

How to store Fauchon chocolates?

To enjoy optimal flavor and freshness, it is recommended to store Fauchon chocolates in a cool and dry place, preferably between 4°C and 16°C. Some chocolates such as rocks require storage between 15°C and 18°C in their original packaging. It is particularly advisable to let the chocolates rest at room temperature to magnify the delicacy of the textures and flavors.

Where can I buy the boxes of Fauchon chocolates?

Fauchon products are available for purchase in physical shops but also online. The house offers a wide selection of products on its website and offers a careful shipping of your orders. Fauchon suggests you pick up orders in click & collect but also delivery by courier, at home, at collection point but also internationally.

What’s the occasion for a box of Fauchon chocolates?

There is no specific opportunity to offer and please. The boxes of Fauchon chocolates are a precious gift that will delight your loved ones. For a birthday, Christmas, a wedding or for no special reason, there are many occasions to offer the wonderful boxes of Fauchon chocolates. Create rare and surprising tasting moments with your family, friends or colleagues.

Fauchon chocolates are to be enjoyed at any time of the day, during a coffee break, a gourmet snack or a tasty dessert!

Discover the house’s selection of gifts and tastings: macaroons, confectionery, delicatessen but also champagnes and teas… what to delight your taste buds and pupils!

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FAUCHON chocolates, an unequalled pleasure

The FAUCHON house offers you luxury French-style chocolate. Open the box of chocolate and let yourself be carried away by the sweet and powerful scents of an exceptional cocoa delicately worked by our chefs. Discover the quintessence of Paris in a box: our dark, white or milk chocolates, delicately decorated, are the promise of an exceptional the quintessence of Paris in a box: our chocolate, praline or flavoured confectionery compose a bouquet of flavours of exceptional quality. Each deliciously sweet bite transports you into the world of FAUCHON, a whirlwind of luxury and flavours resulting from our 130 years of French know-how. To make the pleasure last, discover our bars of chocolate sweets, to be shared or enjoyed alone for a moment of pure happiness. Let yourself be tempted by our famous nougats, calissons and caramels with fleur de sel for a tour de France of traditional flavours. The most greedy will melt for our fruity sweets, our fruit pastes and our marrons glacés available all year round. Our exclusive creations will arrive directly at your home thanks to our delivery service guaranteeing optimal freshness of our products bought online. For special occasions, offering a box of FAUCHON luxury chocolates and confectionery is the guarantee of sharing exceptional French products of unequalled quality. As beautiful to look at in their distinguished boxes as they are delicious and melt-in-the-mouth, they will delight your guests while dressing up your festive tables. Dark, white, milk, milk chocolate, praline and Piedmont hazelnuts, FAUCHON satisfies all the tastes of demanding gourmets. The youngest ones will be delighted by the Lilliputian fruit sweets in their teddy bear box with a delightful retro look. For Christmas, FAUCHON's marrons glacés will be a magical journey to the festive season in the purest French tradition. For Easter, our range of themed chocolates will amaze young and old alike. Chickens, bells, eggs and cocoa-flavoured rabbits will combine quality and fun shapes. Our magnificent chocolate hearts will seduce your loved one for any occasion. Finally, for a wedding, a box of chocolates is the ideal sweet treat to offer as a gift to your guests. Quickly discover our range of chocolates and sweets, offered in different presentations.
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