Pistachio Macaron

Pistachio Macaron

Discover the flavours of pistachio macaron

Renowned for its pastry-making expertise, Maison FAUCHON offers a collection of the famous handmade macarons made in F, the fruit of the House's know-how and exacting standards. This collection offers an experience of absolute pleasure, thanks to perfect mastery of the different stages and production times specific to this pastry, a veritable work of culinary goldsmithery. The round, velvety, airy shell of Macarons FAUCHON fades into a creamy, melting heart...

A ganache that reproduces all the intensity of the pistachio, combined with a light, crunchy shell. The result of this perfect union is a macaron that takes us on a gourmet journey to the heights of the sun-drenched plateaus of Iran, where this nut is bursting with all its perfumes. Without hesitation, it conquered our chefs to make an infinitely gourmet mouthful.

Discover the flavours of pistachio macaron


Handcrafted pistachio macarons

Handcrafted pistachio macarons

FAUCHON's pistachio macaron is a veritable symphony of flavors, seducing pastry lovers the world over. At first glance, it enchants with its smooth, light shell, a delicate green that evokes the freshness of the pistachio. But it's with the first bite that the magic really happens.

The pistachio, with its unique, delicate flavor, unfolds in an explosion of taste in every piece of this exquisite macaron. The crunchy shell reveals an irresistibly creamy pistachio ganache that melts deliciously in the mouth. The subtle, slightly sweet aromas of pistachio blossom, creating a perfect harmony with the light, airy texture of the macaron.

FAUCHON, renowned for its craftsmanship and attention to detail, creates each pistachio macaron with unrivalled precision and passion. Each bite is an invitation to gustatory pleasure, where the quality of the ingredients and the expertise of the pastry chefs shine through.

The pistachio, a symbol of refinement and gourmandise, is sublimated by FAUCHON in this exceptional macaron. Whether for a gourmet break, a special occasion or an elegant gift, Fauchon's pistachio macaron is a true ode to pastry perfection.

FAUCHON awakens the senses with this macaron, where the nuances of pistachio mingle with sweetness, creating an unforgettable taste experience. Each tasting is a journey to the heart of haute pâtisserie, where elegance and finesse meet in a single dessert.

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With which tea to associate the pistachio macaron?

The pistachio macaron is a delicious delicacy that goes well with several types of teas. Here are some suggested flavour combinations to accompany a pistachio macaron:

Matcha is a green tea powder with a pronounced and slightly bitter taste that goes perfectly with the rich flavor of pistachio. The two flavors complement each other and create a harmonious combination.

A full-bodied black tea, such as Assam Tea or Ceylon Tea, can bring depth and robustness that contrasts pleasantly with the sweetness of pistachio.

Pistachio and rose are a classic marriage in pastry. A delicate rose tea, whether black, green or white, can enhance the flavor of pistachio while adding a subtle floral note.

Vanilla and pistachio go well together. A sweet and creamy vanilla tea can accentuate the flavor of pistachio and add a touch of delicacy to the whole.

How do I store my pistachio macaron?

To preserve the taste and freshness of this pastry jewel, keep your macaron away from a source of moisture. The pistachio macarons FAUCHON keep for 5 days after the shipment of your order, cool, ideally at 2-5 degrees.

With what gustatory agreement can we marry the pistachio macaron?

The pistachio macaron offers many possibilities of taste pairings. Here are some suggestions for pairing pistachio macaron with other flavours:
The pairing between pistachio and dark chocolate is a classic. The richness of dark chocolate complements the delicate flavor of pistachio, creating an irresistible combination. Red fruits, such as strawberries, raspberries or cherries, go well with pistachio. The freshness and acidity of the red fruits contrast pleasantly with the sweet and slightly salty flavor of the pistachio. Pistachio and orange blossom complement each other harmoniously. The sweetness of the pistachio is enhanced by the floral notes of the orange blossom, creating a delicate and fragrant accord.
If you like intense flavours, pairing a pistachio macaron with a cup of coffee can be a great idea. The roasted aromas of coffee, especially FAUCHON Coffee Blend, blend perfectly with the rich and earthy flavor of pistachio.
Finally, vanilla and pistachio are flavors that go very well together. The combination of the sweetness of vanilla with the richness of pistachio creates a gourmet and comforting combination. Also discover our vanilla flavor macaron.

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