With the Fauchon online pastry shop, treat yourself to an exceptional dessert.

The best of French pastry know-how is at your fingertips with the Fauchon online pastry order. And what could be more emblematic of French pastry and the Fauchon house than the famous macaroon?
Choose from a selection of exceptional artisanal macaroons made from the best products, order your pastries in a few clicks and receive real jewels in their elegant case. For your most beautiful receptions, on the occasion of the end of the year celebrations, a birthday or simply to give life to your delicate attentions, the Fauchon online pastry shop will offer you the quintessence of refinement in the form of delicious small round cakes, to be tasted in delivery !


An online luxury pastry shop for the finest gourmets 

Through its online pastry ordering and delivery service, Fauchon continues the tradition that has made its reputation by offering a vast selection of top-of-the-line macaroons that will delight you and your most demanding guests. You will find unexpected fruity flavors such as spicy mandarin, morello cherry, rose or violet, but also familiar recipes brought to their peak such as Batucao chocolate, vanilla, raspberry or pistachio, honored in a crunchy almond flavored shell. Carefully arranged in one of our famous iconic boxes, the must-have macaroons from Fauchon's online patisserie come in a variety of colors, tastes and numbers, from 5 to 32, to delight small committees and large gatherings alike.

Home delivery of your Fauchon pastries 

The Fauchon pastries ordered will be delivered directly to your home, your office or the address of your choice in metropolitan France and Europe, in less than two working days.

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