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What are the ingredients used for FAUCHON jams?

FAUCHON jams are prepared with quality ingredients, rich in fruit and taste. Among the flavors offered, we find strawberry with rose petals, pear & blueberry, the combination strawberry - verbena - lemon, fig of Provence, and many others.

How to use FAUCHON jams in your daily life?

FAUCHON jams can be enjoyed in various ways throughout the year. They can be combined with rusks and gourmet breads for tasty breakfasts, use them as an amenity to add a fruity touch to your desserts, or in a sweet - salty combination, with a cheese board for example.

What is the value of the mini-jam box?

The FAUCHON mini-jam box is ideal for the most curious gourmands who would like to discover several flavors of jams at once. Thanks to this box, you will be able to taste a varied selection of jams in mini-pots of 28g, among which you will probably find one or more favorites, which you will have the leisure to get in larger format (365g, 220g or 245g) during your next purchases.

What other gourmet products can be found in this category?

In addition to jams, FAUCHON offers milk jams, chestnut creams and spreads based on cocoa and hazelnut, to satisfy all sweet desires.

Are FAUCHON jams handmade?

Yes, FAUCHON jams are prepared in a traditional way with a traditional know-how. Each batch is carefully concocted, using artisanal methods to preserve the authentic taste of the fruits. Thanks to a gentle cooking with cane sugar and copper cauldron, the fruits and juices that make up our jams retain all their flavor and never lose their superb. In addition, FAUCHON jams are designed without preservatives or artificial additives. They are prepared from natural ingredients, offering authentic flavors and preserving the quality of the fruits used.

Are FAUCHON jams suitable for vegetarian and vegan diets?

FAUCHON jams are all suitable for vegetarian diets. For vegan or vegan diets, we suggest checking the labels to make sure they do not contain honey or other ingredients of animal origin. The list of ingredients and allergens is available on each of our product sheets and on the jam jars themselves.

Do the jams available vary according to the season?

Yes, the House regularly offers limited edition jams, highlighting the most delicious seasonal flavors. These special editions allow customers to discover unique and ephemeral fruit combinations, adding a touch of surprise to their gourmet experience. In 2023, for example, FAUCHON honored its Poire et Bleuet jam, prepared in a traditional way in copper cauldrons, in France.

Can FAUCHON jams be offered as a gift?

Absolutely! FAUCHON jams are a gourmet and refined gift that will surely please lovers of sweet treats. Their elegant packaging and variety of flavors make them delicate presents, perfect for any special occasion.

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Sweet pleasures are invited at FAUCHON. The jams of the house promise gourmet and fruity flavours. From the delicate strawberry to rose petals, from the sweetness of milk to the daring bitter orange, FAUCHON jams promise a rediscovery of fruity touches all year round. Rich in fruit and taste, these jams are the ideal gift for lovers of delicacies and tasty breakfasts. Combine them easily with rusks and gourmet breads, and give a fruity touch to your desserts. Several formats are available to leave the choice of creation for a gourmet box. The mini-confectionery box proposed by the house also allows you to discover several flavours, while benefiting from a chic and timeless packaging specific to the brand. This category also features tasty milk jams, chestnut cream and cocoa and hazelnut spreads.
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