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FAUCHON's reputation has stood the test of time and fashion thanks to the meticulous care it takes in all its creations. It is a gastronomic luxury found in the sweet delicacies, selection of wines and spirits, fruity compositions and savoury flavours that FAUCHON has always invented to delight you. The FAUCHON house also showcases its talents in its elegant and useful kitchen accessories. Eat, drink and live FAUCHON with these chic and timeless kitchen accessories. FAUCHON caviar can thus reveal all its subtleties with the FAUCHON Caviar Spoon. A pretty mug in the FAUCHON house colours is perfect for tasting a rare tea brewed in the FAUCHON tea ball. And to fall for all the gourmet delights offered by FAUCHON, treat yourself with a FAUCHON shopping bag or cotton bag that will affirm your love for your favourite caterer.