Confectionery arrangement

Confectionery arrangement
Our confectionery compositions are perfect for a well-deserved moment of sweetness or to please someone you love. For a fruity or chocolatey break, always sweet, they allow you to continue your day or end it on a note of excellence thanks to the know-how of our experts.

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FAUCHON's sublime confectionery compositions blend tastes and colours in a subtle variation of textures and flavours. Presented on attractive trays with elegant shapes, these delicate confections will sound like the crowning glory of a successful meal. Offer them to your guests at dessert time, or accompany them with a cup of coffee for a moment of delightful indulgence. No one will be able to resist the sweet flavours of Calissons de Provence, the sweet notes of fruit jellies, the delicious fondant of small chocolates or the stunning aromas of marzipan. Spectacular and intoxicating, these confectionery compositions will make excellent gift boxes to offer at the time of the holidays, at the time of a birthday, or on the occasion of a big reception. Like true works of art, FAUCHON's luxurious confectionery compositions provide the gourmet touch you need.
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