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The adventure around tea goes back to the genesis of the Fauchon house. As early as 1886, the famous house decided to import its excellent tea from China.

Fauchon then selected the best vintages and introduced its gourmets to subtle and emblematic green teas in the "grand salon de thé" opened in 1898. Customers can taste emblematic and unique teas such as "Siva" or "Mandarin Ming".

With the opening of his tea shop on Place de la Madeleine, Fauchon established what would become a Parisian institution: the "Five O'Clock Tea" as opposed to the traditional English "Tea Time" of four hours.

In the 1960s, the brand paved the way for the creation of scented teas with floral and then fruity notes. The idea was to create fragrant accords between the best tea origins and the most delicate aromas of flowers, fruits and spices. The Apple tea created in 1972 will become a best seller in Japan. It is this culture of scented tea that has allowed French tea to acquire its letters of nobility internationally by translating hedonism in the French way.

FAUCHON thus imagines compositions of scented teas in total harmony with its gourmet creations and associated with a certain French art of living. One thinks in particular of cookies, chocolates, macaroons, pastries but also savoury dishes.

Today, FAUCHON claims this tradition which is part of its history, its French way of life. The brand asserts its expertise as a creator of scented teas through a collection that embodies refinement, spirit, Parisian luxury and gourmet delights. Discovering the olfactory finesse and gustatory balance of these exclusive aromatic blends, designed by FAUCHON experts as true perfumes, offers a unique experience to its customers.

Green tea from China, black tea from Ceylon, Darjeeling, Earl Grey... each tea has its own fragrant notes: herbaceous or floral, round or full-bodied, each is the fruit of an ancestral protocol: cultivation, harvesting, fermentation, drying. To offer the best flavoured teas, FAUCHON cultivates its long tradition because it is an art to identify among the tea varieties those that, alone or in blends, will magnify by their original notes (instead of original, which means at the source) the final bouquet of an exceptional scented creation.

Today, FAUCHON offers a range (or assortment) of scented teas to be enjoyed at home thanks to the opening of its luxury tea store located at 11 place de la madeleine. You will find a selection of the best scented teas in bulk, in bags or even in pre-packaged tins.

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