Quality charter

As an ambassador of French culinary savoir-faire all over the world, FAUCHON has chosen to commit to a virtuous circle of quality in order to offer its consumers the best.

FAUCHON is committed to choosing its suppliers carefully

The Maison FAUCHON teams, whose priority is to support French products, travel the length and breadth of the country searching for the best of our culinary regions, and are supplied by a regional network of artisanal producers that they help sustain, promote, and develop.

Maison FAUCHON works closely and sustainably with its suppliers to ensure safe, responsible procurement, while maintaining the safety and traceability of its products.

In order to guarantee consistent quality for our consumers, the FAUCHON quality department has drawn up a list of specifications that define that standards that "Made in Fauchon, Made in F" products and ingredients must meet.

As such, Maison FAUCHON is now using organic eggs in its selection of deli and catering items, commits to no longer using eggs from caged hens in any of its products before 2025, which is how long it will take the French sector to transition.

By 2026, 100% of our supply of chicken meat will comes from farms and slaughterhouses that respect all the criteria of the European Chicken Commitment for all of our European activities. 

FAUCHON is committed to ensuring the quality of its means of production

Maison FAUCHON is currently the custodian of a piece of French culinary heritage. In order to provide this "Made in F" cuisine, which showcases exceptional regional products and puts a daring, imaginative spin on gastronomical classics, Maison FAUCHON adheres to the following rules:

  • Products and recipes will contain no palm oil.
  • Ingredients and additives will be made from GMO-free raw materials.
  • E102, E104, E110, E122, E124, E129 azo dye food colourants and E171, E172 et E551 additives are prohibited.


FAUCHON is committed to reducing its environmental impac

  • of process water (limitation of volumes discharged, reduction of the pollutant load, effluent treatment).
  • of atmospheric emissions (limitation of emissions, reduction of the pollutant load, effluent treatment).

As such, Maison FAUCHON was among the first to implement organic food waste sorting in its production centres in Paris.

A patissier and delicatessen since 1886, Maison FAUCHON, inspired by French culinary heritage, dreams up innovative, sophisticated creations and selects exceptional gastronomic products. Maison FAUCHON is intent on setting an example through its selection, production, and commercialisation processes, and is committed to continually improving its methods.