The Paris macaron, the essential ingredient of French pastry, is a must on every table. For a snack, as a dessert or to accompany coffee, there are plenty of opportunities to share a box of macarons. Between a symphony of colours and a mix of textures that delight the palate, macarons are simply incomparable.
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Your questions about the macaron de Paris

What is a macaron ?

The macaroon is a small, round, soft and tasty cake that will delight the taste buds of young and old alike. This well-known French pastry is both crunchy and light on the palate.

Where does the macaron come from ?

The origins of the macaroon lie in the Middle East, discovered in the Middle Ages by the first European navigators. Although it's difficult to trace the history of this little cake, we do know that it hasn't always had the appearance of the macaron we know today. In the Middle Ages, it took the form of a small round shell, unlike today's macaron, which appears as two shells sharing a charming ganache at their heart.

Where to find the best macarons in Paris?

Fauchon is one of the leading macaron manufacturers in Paris. Come and discover our gourmet world in our online boutique.

How are FAUCHON macarons made?

The making of Fauchon macarons takes on its full meaning in the kitchen, where our pastry chefs exercise their passion and bring the greatest care to your pastries.

Prepared with the utmost care and using high-quality ingredients, each macaron is made with respect for tradition and a deep love of savoir-faire.

The Fauchon macaron, 100% Made in France, is made with 3 essential ingredients:

  • almond powder directly from almond trees
  • powdered sugar
  • eggs from free-range chickens

The dexterity and finesse of our chefs reflect the success of our macarons.

The Fauchon macaroon is prepared in two stages:

1) Making the crunchy meringue

First, the almond powder and powdered sugar are combined to form a single, fine, vaporous powder. At the same time, the egg whites are vigorously beaten into a cloud of softness.

Our agile expert then adds the caster sugar to the mixture, and whips it until completely incorporated.

Then it's time to fold in the stiffly beaten egg whites.

Once the recipe is almost complete, our maryse expert arranges the macaroons on a baking tray, with a precise diameter, and moves forward to ensure gentle, controlled baking.

Once baked, our round, smooth shells with a pretty collar at the base are ready to receive the traditional Fauchon ganache.

Fauchon's well-kept secret is now revealed to you, so you can plunge into the heart of our know-how.

2) Adding the sweet ganache

The ganache, a delicious preparation made from liquid cream and butter, is enhanced with syrup for a fruity macaron, or pure cocoa for a chocolate macaron.

The final step is to melt the delicious meringues into the luscious ganache. Our frisky pastry chef then arranges the filling on the soft shells with the utmost care and attention to detail.

The Paris macaron around the world

Fauchon, producer, artisan and creator of exceptional gastronomic products, takes the exquisite macaron de Paris beyond borders.In a hundred or so outlets around the world, Fauchon reflects French savoir-faire and exalts the finest palates.

What flavours to try at FAUCHON?

Indulge in our Our sweet cocktail drawer in fruity flavors: raspberry-pink, pistachio or why not lemon. Let yourself be surprised by the most gourmet of macarons with Madagascar bourbon vanilla, or the exquisite caramel with a creamy milk chocolate and caramel ganache.

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FAUCHON Macarons, between excellence and creativity!

The macaroon is a must at FAUCHON. Both crunchy and melting, this little cake has become a classic and is available in a variety of flavours. Some are traditional and bring back childhood memories: this is the case with vanilla, dark chocolate, milk chocolate, coffee, peanut praline, caramel or raspberry. Some are off the beaten track and will not fail to surprise your taste buds, such as the vanilla-sesame, chai-tea, hazelnut-mandarin or blackcurrant macaroon flavoured with violet.
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