The Paris macaron, the essential ingredient of French pastry, is a must on every table. For a snack, as a dessert or to accompany coffee, there are plenty of opportunities to share a box of macarons. Between a symphony of colours and a mix of textures that delight the palate, macarons are simply incomparable.

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FAUCHON Macarons, between excellence and creativity!

The macaroon is a must at FAUCHON. Both crunchy and melting, this little cake has become a classic and is available in a variety of flavours. Some are traditional and bring back childhood memories: this is the case with vanilla, dark chocolate, milk chocolate, coffee, peanut praline, caramel or raspberry. Some are off the beaten track and will not fail to surprise your taste buds, such as the vanilla-sesame, chai-tea, hazelnut-mandarin or blackcurrant macaroon flavoured with violet.