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Macarons gift box

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Macaron boxes

Can I make up my own box of macarons?

Our boxes are carefully put together by our in-house team to guarantee you an optimal taste experience. The combination of flavors is meticulously studied by our chefs to awaken your senses.

Which macarons are available from FAUCHON?

6, 8, 12, or 32 macarons, it's up to you to choose the four of your little pastries.

FAUCHON offers a wide choice of macaron boxes with original designs and compositions.

For those with a little whim, make the Réglette 6 macarons box your own, with 6 fabulous assortments: pistachio, lemon, raspberry, vanilla, caramel and chocolate.

The 7 macarons box, as sensual as it is gourmet, contains 7 pink powdered macarons that will make you rediscover the tangy flavors of raspberry pulp with a hint of Espelette pepper to delight your senses.

Treat your taste buds to our vanilla and red fruit flavours: the 8 Macarons - Box set.
MAC offers a unique experience with succulent raspberry, vanilla, blackcurrant & violet, vanilla-raspberry, Morello cherry and rose macarons.

The 8 macarons - Boîte Paris 160g boxed set is a real eye-catcher, with its authentic composition: 2 raspberry macarons, 2 vanilla, 1 pink macaroon, 1 pistachio and 2 caramel.

Fauchon presents various boxes of 12 macarons : Aesthetics and flavors combine to offer you a sumptuous moment of sweetness.
The 12 TOUT SCHUSS macarons with their alpine decor promise pleasure in every bite:
2 Mont-Blanc macarons with chestnut cream, 2 Megève macarons with 62% cocoa dark chocolate, 2 raspberry macarons, 2 Morello cherry macarons, 2 vanilla macarons and 2 hazelnut praline macarons.

Treat yourself to a minute of passion with the Cocktail drawer, an assortment of 18 macarons to end your meal or aperitif on a deliciously sweet note!

For those with a sweet tooth, the 32 macarons 510g boxed set glorifies succulent macarons: vanilla, caramel, lemon, raspberry, pistachio, hazelnut, coffee, dark chocolate, milk chocolate, blackcurrant-violet, vanilla-raspberry and rose.

When to offer a box of macarons

Christmas, birthdays, weddings... there are many occasions to offer a sensational box of FAUCHON macarons. And why not create and provoke these tasting moments alone, with family or friends? Discover or rediscover the legendary macarons, irresistible to your fine palate.

For Valentine's Day, the sensual box in the shape of a voluptuous mouth is a gift that satisfies.

Can I order my box online?

Fauchon offers a wide choice of gift sets online and carefully sends your exceptional gift sets to your home. Don't wait any longer for your visit to our beautiful capital to succumb to Fauchon's tasty macarons.

How to store Fauchon macarons?

Have you ordered your macarons on the website and opted for home delivery?

To ensure that macarons purchased on the Fauchon website are perfectly preserved, Fauchon has specially designed packaging to preserve the texture and flavor of macarons for five days from the date of dispatch. This means you can keep your macarons for as long as you like, spoiling and delighting those who don't live near Paris or Fauchon.

Once you've received your macarons, store them at the bottom of your fridge. Take them out about ten minutes before serving.

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