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Oils & vinegars

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As an expert in French delicatessen, FAUCHON knows how to stand out with gourmet, tasty and authentic products. With its range of oils and vinegars, you can easily sublimate your dishes and mixed salads. Oils and vinegars will sometimes be the very essence of the unique taste of your dishes, and should not be neglected. FAUCHON condiments enjoy the expertise of the house, and promise an exceptional taste experience. Taste the pleasure of truffle-flavoured oil, and trust the uniqueness of 8-year-old Modena vinegar. FAUCHON relies on quality ingredients for a unique aroma. Your guests will appreciate the sweet touch of the vinegar and the taste pleasure of the truffle oils. Packaged in elegant packaging, the oils and vinegars can only please you. Discover FAUCHON products in their entirety, with detailed descriptions on each page.