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FAUCHON's expertise is well established... The company's know-how has earned it the status of a pioneer in French delicatessen products. To enhance your dishes, the brand offers a wide range of spices and herbs, packaged in elegant and refined packaging. Whether it's a hint of spice, a Provencal sweetness or a strong taste, you can vary the pleasures and rely on top-of-the-range condiments. Spices and herbs are essential to the success of your dishes. With these products, you can easily play on flavours and offer your guests an authentic taste journey. Accompany your meats with an exquisite mustard, intensify your vegetables with an inimitable red pepper, or spice up your fish with bold Espelette chilli pepper: the possibilities seem endless... With every bite, you will be able to appreciate the authenticity of FAUCHON spices. The taste buds are exalted and your dishes will be a great success with each tasting.