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The Mysterious & Mythical Truffle

Discover our truffle selection

The truffle season

At this time of the year, two truffles are present on the market stalls:

The black truffle Tuber Melanosporum, also called black truffle of the Périgord, which is available from mid-November to mid-March.
The white Alba truffle which is available from the end of October to the end of December.

The black truffle Tuber melanosporum or Perigord black truffle is found in different regions such as Italy, Spain, in the South-East of France, in the Poitou Charentes region and in Eastern countries.

The white truffle of Alba grows in Italy in the region of Alba, it is a highly prized species. With a short lifespan, the white Alba truffle is more expensive than its black counterpart and available on order at FAUCHON.

How to select truffles ?

The black truffle must be firm and veined on the inside. It should not be earthy but brushed and its color should be intense black and shiny. A good selection of truffles guarantees powerful aromas reminiscent of musk, earth and mushroom.

Nicknamed the Black Diamond, the truffle must be chosen and considered as a jewel.


Its origins?

For 40 years, FAUCHON has been working with the truffle grower Pebeyre (7th generation truffle grower) always in search of the best truffles according to a very rigorous selection. Unlike wines, the quality and taste of truffles do not differ according to region.


How to prepare truffles?

Truffles can be eaten raw or cooked, but it is when they are raw that they fully reveal all their aromas. To reveal the truffle's flavors to the maximum, Jean-Pierre Clément advises us to prepare them with a fat body and moderate heat in order to keep them crunchy. It is better to prefer the infusion of the truffle to its cooking.

Traditionally, the truffle is found in the stuffing of Christmas poultry or in the form of slices slipped under the skin of the poultry. They can also be enjoyed with scrambled eggs, grated on risottos, infused in cream to accompany pasta or in thin slices on a scallop carpaccio.

But our Chef advises us to taste it in fine slices on a toasted and buttered toast, the whole decorated with fleur de sel.

A truffle weighs on average 18 to 50g and we recommend you to allow 10 to 15g per person.


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