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our gourmet selection

Green tea from China, Ceylon black tea, Darjeeling, Earl Gray ... each tea has its own signature: herbaceous or floral, round or full-bodied, each one is the fruit of a skillful protocol of cultivation, harvesting, fermentation and drying. To create its flavored teas, FAUCHON relies on its great expertise as it is an entire art to detect among all the varieties of teas, the one which, mixed or by itself, will come by its original notes to magnify the final bouquet of an aromatic creation. Find FAUCHON Teas and infusions in sachets, metal boxes and gift boxes.

our gourmet selection

Made in France

« Made in F flavoured teas are a balance between tea with woody or plant notes and flavour composed of aromas of flowers, fruit and spices. The two blend together and create harmony without one overpowering the other. »