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Go for a gourmet aperitif. The FAUCHON house promises an authentic gustatory discovery with its various appetizers and spreads. Quality products are available to offer you interesting and top-of-the-range alternatives to your aperitifs. The parmesan and basil shortbread combine two much appreciated flavours, while the Provencal black olive tapenade promises a unique taste in the mouth. Savoury biscuits and spreads will transport you to start your festivities in the best conditions. The French brand relies on unique and original flavours, such as goat's cheese, tomato, basil or cheddar mini-crêpes. Whether spreadable or for direct consumption, FAUCHON's aperitif products stand out. The party can now begin... To make your choice, you can easily discover in detail each product offered with a precise description. Trust the know-how of the French brand to sublimate your aperitifs and impress your guests.