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Since its creation in 1886, FAUCHON has been offering refined chocolate collections: a feast for the eyes and the palate. From the traditional cup of hot chocolate from the end of the 19th century, to chocolate bars for children's snacks, FAUCHON has become one of the experts in tasting chocolates. At FAUCHON, it's the pleasure that matters above all!

For its exceptional chocolates, the taste expert : The Executive Pastry Chef responsible for the creation of sweet products, relies on the collaboration initiated in March 2010 with Pascal Caffet, to create new recipes, textures and flavors for highly sensory chocolates!

Combining the quest for excellence and know-how, Pascal Caffet, Meilleur Ouvrier de France and World Pastry Champion, is one of the talents working to develop the new vision of FAUCHON chocolate. Supported by the FAUCHON company, he is the guarantor of the choice and quality of the raw materials selected for the manufacture of the chocolates.


Chocolate is in all its states at FAUCHON: chocolate boxes, bars, almonds or dried fruit coated with chocolate, truffles, orangettes or beggars. There is something for every taste, every delicacy, every moment: peck, taste, savor, share, everyone will find their own chocolate.
FAUCHON's approach is simple, based on the taste of the great classics. Essential, structured, frank and elegant tastes make up this new interpretation, which is based on 3 pillars:
- Exceptional ingredients: dark chocolate couverture, 70% cocoa from "Carenero Superior" Criollo beans, 100% Venezuelan origin, from the Barlovento region, and milk chocolate couverture, 40% cocoa. And still the Valencia Almond, the Piedmont Hazelnut, the Bourbon Vanilla from Madagascar, the Maragogype Coffee.
- The know-how of Meilleur Ouvrier de France: for example, the preparation of praline at Pascal Caffet's, with a manual, artisanal know-how, in small quantities, in copper basins.
- Exclusive recipes: a praline very rich in dried fruits, 65% (usually 50%), a crunchy coating that protects a melting ganache .

Chocolate boxes and collections

This collection is the signature of FAUCHON's collection of chocolate boxes.
A contemporary line of 20 chocolates, 10 tastes for the great classics of FAUCHON-style chocolate and 10 new creations combining a palette of bold fragrances and textures.

Two collections are available in our chocolate boxes: pralines in long boxes, up to the exceptional piano of 100 chocolates and the assortments of chocolates, ganaches and pralines, in their square boxes, from 9 to 81 chocolates.

Ephemeral creations

For Christmas, Valentine's Day, Easter or in summer, FAUCHON creates new chocolate recipes, such as the praliné chouchou of our collections : milk chocolate with a peanut almond praline set with a caramelized peanut, or the caramel praline, two-layer chocolate with hazelnut praline and flowing caramel.

Bars and snacking

From mini-bars to coated dried fruit, FAUCHON offers a nomadic, crunchy version of its chocolate recipes.
From 1 to 6, these essential tastes come in hazelnuts, almonds or coated dried fruit, bars and mini-bars. These four gourmet variations exchange flavors, welcome red fruits, vanilla and relevant marriages of chocolate and dried fruits ...
A whole game to satisfy your chocolate cravings on the spot.

Chocolate as a gift

Chocolate is offered in all occasions, to mark an important event, to share a gourmet moment, to send a thought. For every occasion, you'll find a box in the FAUCHON collection: from a box of chocolates, very expert to taste and savor, to a heart-shaped wink, a metal box filled with heart-shaped praline chocolates as well.
A whole game to satisfy your desire for chocolate on the spot.


The 5 senses are active when tasting FAUCHON chocolates:

Sight: the color of the chocolate, its lines, its roundness, its brightness, its raw or worked aspect, its dressing or its nakedness!

Hearing: the sound of a chocolate bar being broken by hand, or a chocolate being bitten in the mouth, the silence of a melting ganache, the noise of a beggar!

Smell: a FAUCHON chocolate expert always smells a chocolate before tasting it with his taste buds! Some flavors are reflected differently in the nose and mouth.

The touch: the softness, the grain of sugar, the crunchy, the crispy, the melting, the flowing, the sparkling... or all at once.

The taste: Sweet, full-bodied, milky, bitter, salty, sweet, round? Natural, notes of red fruits, yellow fruits, woody, tangy? Dried fruits ? Tastes revealed in different stages ? Let each bite melt on the tongue and all the aromas will reveal their character!

Ideal tasting temperature: 19°C



A contemporary ultra-gourmand line of ten chocolates with more elaborate characters and multiple taste notes. This palette of flavours combines gourmet fruit nuggets, flower or spice aromas to better reveal the facets of chocolate, in ganache, praline, dark or milk.

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