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FAQ : Champagnes sold by Fauchon

What makes our champagnes so special?

The champagnes sold at Fauchon are distinguished by their excellence and exceptional quality. Among the items on offer, you can find champagnes from renowned producers such as Ruinart, Dom Pérignon or even Drappier. You will also find the Fauchon range which offers white and rosé champagnes with unique flavors.

What is the difference between a brut champagne and a rosé champagne?

Brut champagne is a traditionally dry champagne with refined aromas and lively effervescence. Rosé champagne is characterized by a delicate pink color, offering fruity flavors and a subtle complexity. Why not opt ​​for both by offering yourself the duo box of Fauchon brut and rosé champagne?

What grape varieties are used in Fauchon champagnes?

The shelf life of a champagne depends on the style and the vintage. Non-vintage champagnes can be kept for an average of 3-5 years, while vintage champagnes can age for more than 10 years under appropriate conditions. Among the Fauchon champagnes that improve over time, we find the essential Magnum of brut champagne which can be kept for between 5 and 7 years.

Are Fauchon champagnes suitable for special occasions?

The question does not arise! What could be better than a nice bottle of champagne to celebrate a special event? The exquisite flavors and elegance of Fauchon champagnes make them ideal companions for weddings, birthdays, parties and other memorable moments. We have selected for you the best champagnes for the holidays: the Pietrement champagne produced in Villevenard and the very fine Grumier Blanc de Venteuil are 100% winning choices.

Are there gift boxes including Fauchon champagnes?

Fauchon offers a selection of gift boxes including renowned champagnes. These boxes are specially designed to offer a unique experience and exceptional taste pleasure. The Fauchon duo box lets you decide between the best champagne between brut and rosé. For chocolate lovers, Fauchon offers a box consisting of a bottle of champagne and a case of 15 praline chocolates.

What are the tips for enjoying a Fauchon champagne in the best conditions?

To enjoy your Fauchon champagne in optimal conditions, we advise you to serve it chilled. Its ideal temperature should be between 8 and 10°C. When you open the bottle of champagne, let it sit for a few minutes before pouring it into champagne flutes to preserve the bubbles and aromas. Finally, savor and appreciate the subtleties of these exceptional champagnes.

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Elegance and voluptuousness are the key words at the heart of FAUCHON's preoccupations and its exceptional champagne cellar, as the house's know-how is revealed through a range of champagnes signed Auguste FAUCHON. Choose brut champagne for an intense and fruity tasting, or succumb to the refreshing charm of rosé champagne with its subtle aromas of sweet spices and forest fruits. These prestigious bottles from the House of FAUCHON blend with renowned champagnes: the luxurious Dom Pérignon cuvées rub shoulders with the Ruinart and Moët grands crus, all offered in elegant boxes with sparkling colours. Offering or treating yourself to a great Champagne makes an excellent gift, to accompany you during all your celebrations, with family or friends.
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