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Offering a historical tradition of its delicatessen products, FAUCHON flies over the years while awakening the taste buds. For many years, the brand has offered a wide choice of foie gras and terrines, to be enjoyed at any time of the year. Whether for your festive meals, or even to delight your guests during a gourmet dinner, the terrines and foies gras will satisfy you. From the traditional duck foie gras, to the audacious truffled terrine, the choice as well as the French know-how are there. Create a sensation with a deer terrine, or duck rillettes, and combine gustatory pleasures with unique flavours. Make your own box, or rely on the expertise of the brand with its compositions. On each product page, you can easily discover the composition of the terrines proposed by the brand. Make your choice in the best conditions to appreciate FAUCHON's gourmet products.