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Beyond greediness, FAUCHON's confectionery compositions offer real pleasures for the eyes. Lovers of sweet delicacies will not be able to resist these works of art, available in all ranges of flavours. Whether as a gift for a loved one or to treat themselves, an irrepressible need to taste these delicate little bites is the sign of an immoderate taste for luxury confectionery. If you love gourmet art, these confectionery compositions will delight all your senses. Chocolates, beggars, calissons, marrons glacés, fruit jellies, FAUCHON creations are the embodiment of French gastronomy, with that touch of subtle and irresistible elegance that characterises it. FAUCHON's confectionery compositions are made of origami, puzzles or mandalas for sweet snacking sessions or friendly or amorous sharing. These candy farandoles reveal the excellence of the art of the FAUCHON house.