Fauchon, macaron expert

Fauchon, macaron expert

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The FAUCHON badge attracts all eyes, it intrigues the palate, it frightens the senses. It excels in the art of seduction, accepts only the best ingredients, tolerates only "handmade". He turns traditions upside down, he innovates every season, he plays his classics as well as his great numbers. He surprises. It delights the eyes, it seduces the mouths, it is on everyone's lips. Here he is in your hand!

The Macaron made in F, made in FAUCHON, made in France

FAUCHON presents its collection of exclusively handmade macarons made in F, the fruit of the know-how and exacting standards that have made the House's reputation. A collection of macarons that offers an experience of absolute pleasure thanks to the perfect mastery of the different stages and manufacturing times specific to this pastry, a veritable work of culinary goldsmithing.



To preserve the best possible fragrance of your FAUCHON macarons, we advise you to keep them in their original box, in a dry place at a temperature of 4 to 7°C, for example in the lower part of your refrigerator.
We recommend that you take them out 10 minutes before tasting and consume them within 5 days of their shipping date. 


The macaroon, this jewel of French pastry, is composed of a soft meringue shell with almond scent and a creamy heart with subtle fragrances. Renowned worldwide since 1886 for its expertise in pastry making, FAUCHON presents a collection of "Made in F" macarons. After a rigorous selection of the best ingredients, FAUCHON macaroons are prepared according to a traditional recipe.


Each FAUCHON macaron offers you a unique tasting experience, the true signature of the FAUCHON macaron: a crispy shell that flies off in a flash, a cookie that reveals all its softness, a ganache that never ceases to make you melt with pleasure. Yet no two tastings are alike, because each macaron taste is unique.
Discover this pastry accompanied by a FAUCHON tea or coffee.

The timeless macarons with their unmistakable flavor.

Those to which we inevitably return: chocolate, vanilla, salted butterscotch, raspberry-pink, pistachio, milk chocolate-passion fruit.

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