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A true golden nectar with a subtle taste made by bees in their hives, honey can be enjoyed at any time. Watch it slowly flow from your spoon and enjoy the beauty of the product. Use it to sweeten your breakfasts or snacks: you will bring a flowery and gourmet touch that will delight your taste buds. The honeys on offer at FAUCHON's delicatessen are exceptional products selected from beekeepers working in pure respect of products, apiaries and environmental criteria. FAUCHON classics include flower, fir tree, acacia and lavender honeys. You will find soft and flowery flavours with a creamy or liquid texture of your choice. Chestnut and linden tree honeys have more pronounced tastes and will bring you more sensations in your mouth. FAUCHON honey jars are perfect and original gift ideas to please with a rare and unique product. The assortment of 5 honeys is an opportunity to taste all the flavours without having to choose. Fauchon offers you the online sale of honey from France, of incomparable quality and taste.