Coffee & cocoa

Coffee & cocoa
Fauchon excellence is found right in your cup to provide you with moments of intense pleasure. Are you a coffee lover? Arabica or Robusta, the aromas and scents of our top-of-the-range coffee will intoxicate you. Do you prefer cocoa? Discover our chocolate powder for exceptional milk drinks.

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A true repository of France's gastronomic heritage, FAUCHON promises top-of-the-range expertise. The brand's range of coffee invites you to discover new flavours. A tasting is a must, where you can delight your taste buds with a robusta or arabica coffee. The brand offers an elegant design and packaging in sticks, capsules, or even soluble versions of great vintages. Ristretto, Lungo or decaffeinated, the choice of caged capsules is not lacking and your guests will be able to appreciate a pronounced, bold and particular taste. The coffees offered by FAUCHON are authentic, balanced and offer real character. With each tasting, FAUCHON coffees will meet your expectations and desires. To find out more about the coffees offered by FAUCHON, you will find a precise description of each product. Coffee lovers can rely on the expertise of the house to enjoy each cup in the best possible conditions.
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